The Sea Horse: Why Yellow And Blue

  “Why yellow and blue?”  Elizabeth asked Aaron, it seemed to take him by surprise.  “Why?  I thought it was pretty obvious.  Blue is the color of the sea, yellow is the color that represents light. Oceania’s hero needs to send the message that there is strength and hope in our city.”

“Why a sea horse?  Why not a whale, or a dolphin, or something.”  Henry walked in with the cast matierial to wrap Aaron’s broken leg.  He answered for him.  “That’s the easiest of all, it was his Mother’s code name as Ambassador.  Nicolai gave her that because of her home town and her first ambassadorship to Ireland.  It was also the name of his Dad’s boat that he was born on.”

Elizabeth looked around the Sea Cove. “How did you get the technology to build this?”  The Judge spoke up.  “Henry supplied the funds, but your Aaron and his step brother Webb are the brains.  Aaron’s recovery wasn’t wasted, he earned as many degrees as he could.”

She started to ask another question when Aaron raised his hand to stop her.  “You stopped me the other night from telling you how this all started with your Grandmother.  Let Henry tell you now.”  “I don’t know if I’m ready to hear, I loved her so much.”

Henry scratched his head.  “I think you have the wrong idea.  Your Grandmother was a hero.”  “But my Dad …”  Nicolai took up the story.  “Your Dad was connected to your Grandmother, as an agent. He was planted in the criminal organization to get information.  He was the first “British Rose”, and Rook’s first assignment as team leader. He took that codename to protect his family, so there would be no trace back to you and your Mother.”

She swallowed hard. “Where were you?” “Saving the life of a young man half way across the world.” “It cost me a limp, but he got me to safety.” The Judge responded.  Henry took up the conversation again.  “For us, it started in Oceania, your Grandmother needed a doctor to go with the Ambassador and her family. She was expecting a child, and wanted a doctor to travel with them on a off the books mission.”

“Wanda introduced me to her representative, Carla Lyman.  Carla worked for the CIA, your Grandmother’s bureau.  Nicolai had recommended his team because your Grandmother felt her team had been compromised.  She was right, only they didn’t stop with silencing her, they kept up ‘the accidents’, including Norm Silva.”

“What accidents?”  “That night on the boat, one of your Grandmother Wanda’s team followed her to the boat.  He tried to kill her, I had to operate to save her, she recovered, but the injuries were career ending for her.  That’s why your Father became an agent, to continue his Mother’s work.”

“Another operation happened that night, Elaine and her husband gave birth to a son.  We thought the worse days were behind us, until a few years later.  Rook’s point man, and Nicolai’s old partner, was the captain of the ship that night.  He had since retired and started a family, changing his name in the process.”

Aaron took over the last leg of the story.  “He thought he had covered his tracks, but still kept one eye open. He even settled near Henry and Carla to watch after me.  Since Dad’s boating accident, Mom spent most of her time in Washington.  Until the car wreck when I was five, and Henry and Carla adopted me.  I learned later that neither was ‘an accident’.”

Elizabeth hugged him as he continued. “Between them, they kept my life quiet, until I was 18.  These people don’t like loose ends, which is what they viewed the Judge, and his young part time assistant as.  We were trying to fight in our own way.  I stayed late one night to help the Judge, not knowing about the explosion until it happened.” 

“According to the news, four people were lost in the fire, I thought three had.  Until I found the Judge, that is.  I spent time recovering, Henry repaired my face, Webb taught me, and Nicolai trained me. Before I could start my campaign, they got rid of the last person they were afraid of.”

“You mean Norm Silva.” He agreed. “Norm was Nicolai’s old partner, now a fisherman in what is now the suburbs of Oceania.  He tried to stop them from amalgamating this town through corruption and greed.  They responded by silencing him.”

“The night before the attack, he came to see me.  I was angry, he said I couldn’t let that anger destroy me.  He said that I was like this city, and that we both were too important to be a cesspool.  Like the ocean, we were full of possibilities, and that we had to maintain hope, to stand for the light.  To uphold right, and dispel the darkness.”

“That’s why I guess I really chose yellow and blue.  For my parents, for your family, for Norm Silva, and for Oceania.  They need to know that there is hope, and together we’re going to help them find it.”

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