The Unsigned Painting

       I love to paint. It’s not necessarily the final product that is the most enjoyable, it’s the process. The act of putting paint on canvas, and the improving of technique.  The same is true in life, it’s the act of living that brings enjoyment.

My point is this, yes your life is a production, but every breath is a part of the final product.  If that’s the case, you are not finished. There is room for correcting mistakes, learning a new skill, and yes, changing one’s life. It’s the unsigned painting that brings the artist the most joy, the most improvement, and the greatest opportunity.  

The final act of a painting is not even the signature, it’s the varnish.  Art dealers prize the long dead signature of a few hundred year old artists as the prize.  Art lovers appreciate the brush strokes.  In short, the painter loved painting, and fans admire how they accomplished it.  Once it’s signed, then it’s coated to endure the ages.

So many times today, we as a culture are so wrapped up in what we produce, that we fail to appreciate the process.  The fact of the matter is, people who manufacture goods earn their wages in the production of goods. The skills they develop are in the act of producing, and the finished product benefits from this.  

When it arrives, it’s going to be unwrapped anyway.  People don’t admire a banana moon pie, yes a personal favorite, they eat them.  The wrapper gets tossed in the trash, the dessert gets enjoyed.  If your life has some bitter areas, there is still time to sweeten the final product.  

I understand that it’s easy to write “change your situation”, but it’s much harder to live.  The good news is that change is a process, it’s a bridge to cross.  You don’t have to paint like Monet, just paint.  Will you make mistakes? Yes, but they’re fixable, the only thing that isn’t is a blank canvas.  

Artists will tell you, whether you paint or write, your enemy is the blank page.  As long as you’re not trying, you’re not getting better.  If you accidentally blacken your river, apply more blue.  If you get the face to light or dark, adjust, and correct.  Only by beginning can we improve.

What are you hoping to accomplish today, what do you need to fix?  Wherever you find yourself in life, you’re still breathing. Get up, and begin from where you are. The painter Grandma Moses started at the age of 78, and lived to be 101 by the way.  Her new course added life and adventure to her days.

That voice that whispers you can’t is only true if you don’t try.  If you try and stumble, get up again. If you’re too tired to walk, crawl until you can walk again.  Don’t allow anything to talk you out of living.  Fear, regret, and fatigue want you to give up and stop trying, but that’s the only way they can win!  If you lay down the brush, your painting will never be signed.

God will walk with us through the process, provided we pick up the brush. In this life, we’ll make mistakes, but as long as we’re pursuing, there is hope. He’s had experience in picking up the pieces and helping turn them into a masterpiece.  

Never allow years of mistakes to trick you into believing there isn’t hope.  Past failures are only determining factors if your idle in your present. Your life isn’t over as long as your heart is beating.  Your future is in the unsigned painting, so add a new road to your picture.

If it isn’t signed, it can’t be varnished. The coating that preserves a painting is waiting for the artist’s signature.  He will carry us through to the end, just as long as we don’t give up.  It’s a new morning, drink some coffee, and get started. You’ve got an unsigned painting to work on! 

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