The Sea Horse: Hyperbole 

  “Framework which waits for a picture to frame: What of the leafage, what of the flower?”  The figure quoted as he spoke to the guards in the diamond exchange.  They would have lunged at him, had they not been temporarily frozen. The gas he had pumped in left them aware, but unable to move.

They studied this ridiculous looking figure closely, committing to memory what they saw. He wore a black silk vest, tuxedo trousers, French cuffed shirt, and blue ascot tie.  The short, bald man was in a mask that appeared to be made out of Opera glasses. Finally the odd intruder had a brilliant red mustache and goatee.  

His weapon of choice was as odd as he was.  He threw three marbles into the room which emitted the paralyzing spray. He also had a staff shaped to resemble a fountain pen.  It was slightly taller than his four foot seven stature.  The still nameless stranger appeared to cut through the glass and metal cases with nothing but his dress gloves.

“Ladies and gentlemen I bid you adieu.  I thank you for being such a, ha, attentive crowd.  My next performance will be at the Oceania Opera Hall. Lastly, since it is unkind of a performer to leave the stage without an introduction, I leave you with that. My friends, Hyperbole thanks you for your contribution to his pursuits.”

The figure bowed, and the guards blacked out. When they came to, they could move, but the entire place had been wiped out.  Oceania had another new face, and it was one that they would not soon forget.

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