The Idea Chest

  “Write it down”, it’s the first thing we think to do when we hear something important.  If we are paying a bill, planning a trip, or on a business call.  Those are obvious, but what about all the things we let slip through our fingers? Today, I’d like to expand on something I’ve mentioned previously, the idea chest.

An idea chest is a great commodity to have.  I would like to share three reasons why.  Perhaps you aren’t a writer, blogger, or speaker, and you’re asking, “How does this help me?”  

First, it will make you aware of knowledge on another level. Any subject someone is interested in, gets greater attention. Whether it’s a favorite book, or tv show, fans remember things common watchers don’t.  If you collect knowledge your senses will become more keen to detail.

This improves brain function if you’re older, and develops research skills if you’re younger.  The greatest students do not learn facts, instead they learn how to uncover them.  A child who knows how to learn “how” can power rocket ships, cure diseases, and change their world.

Second, it will give you a resource to draw from.  Whether it’s a business conversation, a social setting, or penning an email, you’ll benefit from a well placed fact or quote.  Before the internet, John Maxwell used a filing cabinet to house things that he considered too important to forget, it’s served him well.  His books, and their success are a testimonial to it.

Thirdly, the act of recording information has never been easier. This goes beyond note taking, which itself has been revolutionized through tools such as Evernote and Notability.  Apps like Pinterest allow you to record visual cues, places, and objects that can be retrieved later at a moments notice.

If you a blogger, writer, or speaker, organize your idea chest to make retrieval even easier. I have an app to house quotes, boards that hold idea pictures, and three different note programs.  Each has a different function, but they all contribute to my personal life, Ministry, blog, and business career.

Resources are all around you. Whether it’s looking up and storing a Wikipedia selection, or a book from the library, we live in the Information Age.  You have the ability to accomplish anything you wish, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

Much like Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam, you can access the wisdom of the ages. The only difference is that you don’t have to wear a lightning bolt around on your shirt, unless you want to.  I know where you can get one, the address is in my idea chest.

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