The Sea Horse: The Dinner Party

  “Welcome all to my rooftop event. I trust you all liked your invitations?”  Hyperbole asked with all the flair of a ringmaster. Hovering to match the dramatic host, Carbuncle responded. “Diamonds are always a welcome invitation.  Why did you send them?”  Armor, who was very patient, attempted to appear otherwise. “More importantly, why are we here?”

He waived his fountain pen walking stick toward the city.  “You are the elite in your field. I, a newcomer to this industry, wish to form an acquaintance.”  The Wonzu laughed. “You wish to form an alliance.”  “Oh no, nothing of the kind. No, for my plan to work, we must act completely independently from one another.”

An unknown gentleman in golfing clothes asked why. “I have a series of heists planned.  If we are all active simultaneously then The Sea Horse and the others will not know who to stop. It will benefit us all.”

High Society asked. “What do you mean others?” “Surely you know, just as there are several strangers here, that our city contains more than one protector.  The British Rose for example, he’s no villain. He is an agent the government put in place to spy onus. Hence why The Rose received no diamond invitation.”  

The Rose, who was eavesdropping with a satellite link, wasn’t happy. His cover was blown, but now he could engage his persona a different way.  He could patrol sectors of the city that The Sea Horse wasn’t working in.  He had to make contact with Oceania’s Aquatic Guardian. If half of this group took Hyperbole up on his plan, Oceania would need every hero they could muster.

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