Mother’s Day(s)

  Happy Mother’s Day… Yes that’s today, but any Mother will tell you, it’s more than once a year. When a child, small or grown, is successful in behavior or achievement, that is also a Mother’s Day. 

We are all the result of a Mother’s days, even the tough ones . Those times when her hair wasn’t perfect, her clothes were a mess, and everything was chaotic, except her.  I’m sure she had less than perfect days, but the important thing wasn’t perfection, it was consistency.

The most important factor in my life is the people that share it with me. The good days are great, but it’s the arms that support you in the bad ones that you’ll never forget.  If I have someone who loves me in my corner, no matter how beat up, I can keep fighting.

That perseverance is one of my favorite things that my Mother has taught me.  I’ve seen her with her back to the wall, but she always found a way.  The only thing that wasn’t an option was giving up.  People don’t know how to fight someone who doesn’t quit, they give long before you do. 

I learned that from Mom, along with a passion for God, how to cook, and how to eat an elephant. A rim shot plays in your head as you think of the punchline, but it’s true. Any project that is bigger than I am, she taught me how to figure out how to accomplish it. One bite, or step at a time, even if the elephant is lifting a piece of furniture by myself.  

Tenacity, perseverance, and consistency make up my best days, all of which are gifts modeled by my Mom.  We are the benefactors of their everyday, most of which went uncelebrated.  They weren’t filled with thank you’s, even though they should have been.

Today, we can fill their day with love.   Let your Mother, and the world know, that you are here today because of her sacrifices.  Spend a little time showing how thankful you are, for all the days she helped you through. After all, today is Mother’s Day.

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