Instagram Isn’t Instant

 Instagram isn’t instant, if you do it right. The people I follow on Instagram take some beautiful pictures, mostly of their families.  These snapshots are moments in time, but they are far from instant. They are relationships that they’ve built over time, through love and experience.  What are you doing today that will take you years into your future?

Is it going well, or are you struggling right now? If so, don’t allow momentary frustration to derail long term happiness.  It could be a project, relationship, or personal crisis. Don’t base your progress on a present problem, look at the complete collection of images in your set.  

There are three things to remember about any project. First, you’re not alone.  People that care are ready to listen and encourage you.  Friends are a text, call, or email a way, utilize your support system.

The second thing is that, much like a photo, you may need to look at it from a different perspective.  Pause, take a walk, allow yourself a mental break, and come back to it. The few minutes away from whatever is troubling you can reenergize you to see want you couldn’t see before.

Thirdly, you may need a filter. It could be that the problem isn’t what you’re trying to do, but how you’re trying to do it.  Perspective lets you see things differently, but you have to be brave enough to try something different once you see it.  

If a relationship is rocky, admit that you don’t know what to do. Share with your loved one that you’ve made some mistakes, and ask the other person what they think.  What you’re doing isn’t working, at least trying their way shows you’re willing to make things work.  There are always exceptions, but if the other individual is a rational person, then it’s only rational to consider their point of view.

If it’s s project, there is more than one way to  make a cake.  Try adding something new to the way you work.  Something as simple as listening to music may relax the stress you are feeling while accomplishing your goal.

If it is a crisis, the filter can be in the form of a Pastor, Counselor, or Doctor.  They have special abilities to walk you through the tragedy you’ve experienced.  There is life after heartbreak, no matter how severe.

Whatever it is, you can turn your today into a tomorrow.  There are 24 hours in a day, so it’s not instantaneous, but you can get there.  Once your are, you can look back on how far you’ve come and realize that you’ve built a life worth living.

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