A Unique Opportunity

  You are unique, you are the only you that has ever been, or ever will be. This isn’t merely an exercise in motivation, it is much more. Because we are all a one of a kind creation, we can make a distinct difference in the lives of others.  

What can you do today that someone else can’t? You can better the world around you in a way that God meant for only you to accomplish. The adventure is in discovering how you can improve the lives you interact with daily.

First, you can encourage others. Only you touch the lives of your world, and everyone in this life needs reassuring. A kind word, a text, a smile, they tell others they matter.

When people know someone cares, it can overcome feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, and fear. Validating the people in our lives is a simple task that yields great results. Being the voice that says you matter can be a lifeline for your family member, friend, or co-worker.

Second, you have a talent for something that others don’t. Whether it’s drawing, singing, or you may be great with numbers. If you are good with math, the rest of us could use a tutor. Sharing what you know, with a humble spirit, imparts knowledge others are lacking.

I regularly watch a Grandfather in England who teaches others to paint. He has over two thousand subscribers on YouTube, and started out putting the lessons up so a handful of students could watch them. This simple act brings joy, and inspiration to people across the world.

The Scripture said it well, “Who has despised the day of small things?” Too many times, we look for how to make an elaborate change, when we are merely called to make a change. A life filled with helping people is built around daily little things.

Third, and finally you can be a sounding board for other’s ideas. You know firsthand how valuable that person who took an interest in you was to your life. They probably weren’t an expert, a famous scientist, or a world leader. Yet that Parent, Grandparent, or teacher changed your world by listening to you.

They weren’t listening so they could tell you how to do it better. They listened because they knew you needed to share your excitement. Be a patron to a person in your life who needs it. Not an adviser, but a benefactor. One who’s only goal is to supply the other person with the tools to follow their dreams.

Three things are unique to you. Your individual talents, the lives in your sphere of influence, and the ability to influence them daily. None of us are called to be Einsteins, there has already been one, we are called to be us. If all of us live our calling to the fullest, we will obtain the singular, exclusive result that only we can make.

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