Project Life

  There are times in our life when we are so busy that every day is a project itself. They are filled with going, working, and doing. This is wonderful, but it can leave you tired, burned out, and lacking passion. There is an escape from the lethargy you feel.

Usually at times like this our thought is “I need a vacation.” We spend two minutes dreaming of the one we can’t take, migrate back to reality, and feel overwhelmed all over again. There are other ways of combating what you’re experiencing.

One way is to carve out five to ten minutes in your day to do what you want to do. Doing for others makes life worth living, but God never intended for you to be neglected in the process. Taking a few minutes to walk, read, listen to a book, or watch your favorite rerun, can give you something back.

It will recharge you, because for a little while, you’re not doing, you’re being. Most of us have some electronic device with us at all times. Make it work for you, find a game, a drawing program, or a podcast which interests you.

A second way is to pick a project out of your wish list that you’ve wanted to do for years. Before you say it, I understand, I’m not saying to complete it. Just pluck it from fantasy into the realm of reality. Make a list of the resources it will take to achieve it.

Start planning it, a little each day. If it’s a question of money, label an envelope or a jar, and put a few pennies into it each week. As you can, buy the supplies and place all of them together, in a specific area of your home. 

When that overwhelming feeling hits you, and you need an escape, go mentally to your project. Work it in your head, walk through what you need to do, buy, or make next. Every step closer does more than make the project happen.  

It gives you an outlet. Empowering you to know that you can have things, in your life, the way it is, without dreaming of a non existent reality. It is possible to pursue your dreams in this wide awake world, you just need a plan to do it.

A third way of dealing with feelings of drowning, mundaneness, or boredom is to learn something new. Whether it’s taking a class, learning a hobby, or teaching yourself a new skill, it’s possible. From YouTube and eBooks, to your local community center, accessing new skills is within reach.

Introducing a new element in your life, no matter how small, breaks up the monotony. It reminds you that there is still more in this life that you can learn and achieve. One of my go to sites is the art of Tony Bennett. His pictures inspire me work on my art. It gives me something to plan, to practice, and to perfect. 

Establish a list of go to resources for inspiration, implementation, and for insulation. This can include people, websites, books, magazines, and locations. Inspiration jump starts the engine of your mind. Learning how to implement your project keeps it running. Insulating is about blocking out those negative feelings that try and run you off the road.

You can get there, you can do something worthwhile, and you can achieve what you want to do. No matter how financially, physically, or time challenged you are, it is possible. It just takes a small amount of time, planning, and consistently working towards your goal. 

Sound familiar? The way you achieve for everyone else is the way that you can complete your own dream. Plan, practice, and progress towards turning your project from a hope to an already happened. Then pick another dream, and repeat.

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