The Sea Horse: The Galleon

The Sea Horse’s cape was made of a special fiber that helped conduct electricity. It wouldn’t survive an explosion by itself, but if it could generate enough power it could ignite the bombs.  Normally that was what you would not want, but it was his only way out.

He positioned himself behind the wreckage, attached the rocket from his boot to a rock, tied the cape around it, and released it.  Then piloting the small makeshift shell he had fashioned from the old cannon, he followed the explosions.

It was a crazy plan, but it worked.  Instead of all of them going off at once, as his attacker had planned, they went off in a sequence.  This created a hole in the chasm, giving the Sea Horse a side door to escape out of.

Soon, he stood on the deck of the boat.  His would be assassin grinning from ear to ear.  “You are much harder to kill than most I’ve seen.  That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, just that it will be harder to achieve.”

The man spoke with an Irish brogue, he wore a gray leather bodysuit, and green vintage coat.  A very special generator in his coat caused his silver hair, mustache, beard and bright green eyes to glisten in the sun, as did the two cutlasses pointed at the Sea Horse.  “These are a modified version of an old weapon, beneath the blade is the barrel of a laser pistol.  I suggest you stand down Sea Horse.”

“We made an agreement, that money is the joint property of the Irish and U.S. governments.  They’ve promised a handsome finder’s fee, you don’t have to do this.”  “Oh you’re right, but you see I’m greedy.  I don’t want 2 percent, I want all of it. As of right now, you and I are the only ones who know where it is.  So goodbye.”

The Sea Horse somersaulted backward while The Galleon, as he was known, fired.  The Sea Horse threw a flash pellet to temporarily blind his opponent.  It only lasted temporarily, which enabled Sea Horse to disarm one of the villain’s weapons.

Recovering quickly the battle ensued, each landing a blow against the other.  The fight lasted no longer than ten minutes, long enough for the Galleon to realize he was mismatched.  “The next battle will be different Sea Horse.”  He plunged himself over the boat.

The Sea Horse followed, but without any sign of where the Galleon had escaped.  Our hero had little time to search, he was due back in Oceania to stop another menace.  His trip was successful though, having completed the negotiations his Mother had started, he finished her mission.

The revolutionary war treasure ship, Vermont, which the British had sunk years before would be salvaged.  The Republic Of Ireland and the U.S. would split the treasure, and the Sea Horse’s organization would obtain a 4% finder’s fee, thanks to their friend the Senator.  This would fund Oceania’s war against crime for generations.

Never willing to deplete Henry’s hard earned fortune, now they had the resources to go after the criminal organization that ran Oceania.  The Sea Horse would spend every penny needed to free his city.  Now it was time to get back and lead his team against Hyperbole.

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