Scheduling Relationships

  Scheduling relationships, it’s a funny phrase, even sounds like a new TV show, but it’s not. What it is instead, is the age old practice of making time for those people who are important in your life. Even in a constantly moving society, there are ways of blocking out time for those we love.

The first is the simple act of communication. It doesn’t have to be only verbal either, although it should begin there. Even with six hours between us, I talk regularly with my parents and siblings. My brother and I text pictures back and forth to each other. My sister will send me a message just to let me know I’m on her mind.

Up until her recent loss, my wife played certain turn based smart phone games with her Grandmother. It was a fun way of sharing time with someone hours away. A text, an email, even a joint Pinterest board are means of connecting.

That leads me to the second subject, a joint interest. I know of two individuals a continent apart who formed a lasting friendship over art. At work, people who would normally have nothing in common unite in a love for football.  

Gift giving is a third way of reaching out to those that matter to you. From a greeting card to a gift card for a restaurant or coffee shop , it says I’m thinking of you. To give a gift well, you have to know the recipient well.

You may have figured out by now that what you connect with, and how you connect are only instruments. They can be a piano and a piccolo, as long as they accompany each other. The important thing is to be a part of each other’s lives, even when far apart.

Being present in someone’s life is very doable, if we take steps to block out the time. There are ways to eliminate the distance between us, in spite of the physical limitations, to do lists, and work constraints of life. If we schedule doctor’s appointments, vaccinations, and vacations, we can arrange a few minutes to reach out.

Scheduling relationships isn’t only making time to say I love you, but to show it. Life is fleeting, and our loved ones are with us for such a short time. All of us must find a way to connect, even if it’s making the same recipe over FaceTime on a Saturday afternoon. It doesn’t matter how trivial or shallow the method, the important thing is the person on the other end of your heart.

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