The Sea Horse: Partners In Crime Fighting

  “I wish you wouldn’t.”  “I have to fight for what’s right, just like you do.  Please understand, I’ve never asked you to give the battle up, even though I’m terrified every mission.”  The Sea Horse nodded. “Then let’s build you a persona.  First you’ll need to know how to fight.”

It was with a huge grin that Elizabeth drop kicked her husband.  “Rook saw to it that we were trained growing up. He said it was for self defense, I think it was to make us agents. Are you okay?”  “Oddly, I’m relieved, though a little embarrassed.”

He did a backflip and returned to her side.  “The matierials in my costume are stronger than Kevlar, we’ll use them for yours too.  What primary weapon?”  “A bo staff, I’ve always preferred it to a firearm.”  He laughed. 

“Okay, remind me to ask what else I don’t know about you later.  Instead of a staff, we’ll use spears, they’re scarier.  With the name I have in mind, it’ll also be opposite of what they expect.”

Four days laters, his bride, and now partner in crime fighting, stood beside him.  They had been married weeks ago on the trip to Ireland.  It was there that she informed Aaron that it was time for her to join the fight.  

This happened shortly after Galleon tried to kill the newlyweds.  The Senator had arranged for the two to be married in international waters so no record of it was recorded.  They had planned a quiet salvage mission, but everything almost ended two days after the wedding. 

Upon returning home, Dr. Aaron Matthews  and Elizabeth were married publicly.  He now sported a cane from a ‘boating’ accident, to explain his retirement from surgery.  Aaron had suffered some injuries in his battle with Galleon, but they were minute. However it provided an excuse as to why he was no longer practicing medicine.  The complete truth was crime fighting had become a full time occupation.

Elizabeth had taken the name Swordfish, and it seemed to fit.  Her dark blue hood had the appearance of no eyes or nose.  A blue translucent lower face piece covered her mouth and neck.  It, along with the glow her costume generated, gave her skin an almost alien appearance.  

A ponytail like Fin curved from the back of her mask to above her shoulder.  A silvery blue cloak like cape covered her dark blue and silver uniform.  Swordfish’s gloves and boots were a hard flexible matierial that resembled fish scales.

Sheaths built into her cloak held three spears, one large and two smaller ones.  Each was designed with a swordfish motif, and a built in laser. Aaron’s goal was to make her appearance as menacing as possible.  It was an added layer of defense.  Like him, she had a voice modulator that lowered her voice several octaves.

“You look terrifying, it’s perfect.”  “I hope so, I look so non human.”  “That was my goal, it will stand up against the Wonzu or Armor’s menacing look.  Which is our first two visits.  You and I will take Armor, the Inspector and Loggerhead have a meeting with the Wozu.”

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