The Sea Horse: Acquisitions


  The small man strolled through the department store he had just purchased.  He selected four different outfits for his wardrobe, and several items to add to his arsenal.  Hyperbole was ready to put his plan into action.  

No one would suspect a Charity luncheon as a cover. That was one of the reasons for the rooftop luncheon, to give his crew experience blending in as waiters and waitresses.  Though his original plan hadn’t involved partners, it was easy to enough to alter.

She was who he hadn’t counted on, he thought he would never see her again.  He remembered an argument ten years before, but they were young and proud.  Could she see him now as anything but a threat?  He would know soon.

Meanwhile Swordfish and the Wonzu were fighting.  The Wonzu used her ‘eyebrow’ blade to lunge at the younger woman, but each time, Swordfish would strike and retreat.  What the older woman didn’t know was this was all part of the plan.

She was drawing the Wonzu into a trap of her own making.  Swordfish had taunted her foe into a battle in front of her lieutenants.  It was rumored that no one could beat her in a fight.  Wonzu had promised the first person to succeed would be granted any request.

Just as the Wonzu took her weapon in both hands to deal a final blow, she felt the heat go through her body.  The woman collapsed almost instantly, waking up a few minutes later.

“It’s called a heat bomb Wonzu.  You see, your anger made you just careless enough to not notice that I attached it to your blade.  I believe I am owed one request.”

The Wonzu was angry, though more at herself than her impressive opponent. “I see now why the Sea Horse trusts you to be his partner, you are cunning, and quick.  I am at your service, one request, but within reason.”

“It’s small, it’s to limit your activities to your territory for the next nine days.  I ask nothing more or less, of ALL your members.”  The Wonzu laughed.  “He will hate it, but he will agree.”

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