The Sea Horse: A Different Game

  Armor, for the first time, was angry at his Mother.  “Why did you promise this?  It restricts us, now we are …”  Suddenly he stopped, knowing that expression.  “You have a plan. You were pleased with her request. Was this your plan all along?”  

The Wonzu, pleased that her son knew her mind, answered his question.  “No, but a good general adapts.  For too long, the factions of this city have tried to play us.  They viewed us as pawns in their game of Chess. I grow tired of it, now we will play a different game.”

“What is your plan?”  She smiled.  “They tried to limit our movements to our territory, they’ve made it a game of Monopoly, about real estate.  We are to stay on our Boardwalk and play nice.  They forgot that we also own Park Place as well.  Here is what we are going to do.”

In another part of the city, Tournament stood conversing with his Wife, Elyse.  “You think he will give you what he has promised?”  “If not, I’ll take it. He’s entertaining, he could be a genius.  Either way, I’ll play out the game until it changes.  In the end, we’ll rule the entire city.”

“Let Hyperbole create chaos, and when he brings order, I’ll take over the new regime.  To be famous, you don’t beat every player every game.  You pick the championship games, and defeat the champ.”

Galleon had the same plan, truth be told, it was in all of the criminal’s minds.  Each one was convinced they could defeat Hyperbole once he defeated the Sea Horse and took over.  Which is ironic since Hyperbole had never said this.

As it turned out, Hyperbole did not want to run the city, it was too messy.  He didn’t even want one person to run it.  He had another playbook entirely.  Like the Wonzu, his was a very different game.

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