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  Tech troubles, we live in an age where many are intimidated by computers, smart phones, and tablets. At the same time, it opens up a whole new adventure for others. I believe the main difference is twofold.  

The first is that it can be intimidating. Computers can be confusing. The people that I know, who face the frustration, want technology to just work. This is something we all can understand. To them, it’s only reasonable, that it should be as reliable as a coffee pot.

For all of its advances, it still has a ways to go before that is the case. However, that shouldn’t rob anyone of the options that it opens up. There are ways to insulate them from the annoyance factor in many cases.

An iPad, or tablet computer is a perfect companion for both the tech novice and the tech geek. It’s been my primary device for five years now. I like it because you can add a keyboard when you need it, and leave it behind when you don’t. It’s a lightweight, reliable way of accessing digital resources.

Others prefer a phone, laptop, or a desktop computer. For some, an Android or iPhone phone is the only computer they use. Bigger smartphones fit the bill for many people. Google has an inexpensive laptop known as a Chromebook that is very low maintenance. While I prefer Apple computers, to me the easiest to use, there are now has several low stress options.

Besides the intimidation factor, is the issue of time. They may not have the time that geeks like myself have to watch keynotes, read, and listen to podcasts. Thankfully they don’t have to, there are other ways of accessing information.

One is family or friends such as myself. I love technology, and I love sharing it with others. If you are a computer enthusiast, make yourself available to help those in your life who are not. It can be a very rewarding experience.

Second there is your IT technician at work. Yes, they can at times be bombarded with questions, but most of the ones I know enjoy helping. You’re approaching them, not as another wanting something fixed, but needing their expertise. Most are glad to advise anyone who wants to learn.

I would also encourage you to view technology this way, as a better coffee pot. The coffee maker of today is better than twenty years ago. Computers are much the same, an advance of typewriters, telegraph, and other tools of the past.

It’s not a matter of skill, talent, or intelligence. Everyone, regardless of age or interest, can take advantage of the options that technology brings. A whole new horizon, from history to medicine, and even college level courses are available free on the internet.

More than that, you have something to contribute. No one but you knows your story. Computers are just an avenue to allow you to share it. Others could benefit from your experiences. 

Overcoming the tech hurdle can have life altering effects. Not only in your life, but in the lives of those you could reach. Someone, else has a different issue, one you’ve already solved. They may be sitting at their computer, searching for an answer. You’ve got it, let’s get you up and running, so you can help them resolve their problem.

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