Human Events


 “When in the course of human events…”, it’s the way our Declaration Of Independence starts. I woke with those first seven words on my mind. It seemed ironic that, in this day and time, our founding fathers would pick that phrase. We truly have arrived where we are because of human events.

The next words are “it becomes necessary…”. Every Christian I know, believes that we are in the last days. With signs in Heaven and on Earth, from Israel to Washington, Europe to Asia, clues abound. Two thousand years ago, Christ became what was necessary to secure mankind’s salvation against this age.

He knew man was on a collision course with eternity, that time would run out. Jesus wanted us all to have something to hold to when this day came. He said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” God was giving us a new pathway, truth to sustain us, and His life to redeem us.

As we go towards our country’s celebration of freedom, I would like to encourage you. If you know Jesus, then you are truly free, no matter what we face. What He is doing in you, is greater than the chaos that’s happening around you.

If you don’t know Him yet, I would tell you that there is still time. I know you’ve heard it before, but suppose for just a moment that I’m right. If there is any chance that I am, you owe it to yourself to consider the possibility.

If I’m right, then man is infected and afflicted by sin. If that is so, then all of us need a Savior. If I’m right, there is only one religion with an empty tomb. If I’m right, then the question of eternity must be dealt with. 

Are you prepared to answer the question of forever and ever? Do you have a truth to hold to when that day comes? Our founding fathers believed enough to evoke God as they fought for and sought their freedom. “We are endowed by Our Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

Because of human events, Christ star shone in the east. Because of human events, He arrived to bleed, die, and rise again so that we would have a truth to hold on to. Finally, because of human events, eternity is calling. 

We don’t have to face it unprepared, we have a Declaration of Independence from sin. Our country was blessed with this self evident truth, and as Christians, we are blessed with the evidence of His love. If you know Jesus, you have something to celebrate! If you don’t, He’s penned the path to your Liberty!

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