The Second Half

  The second half of the year began this month. How do you view it so far, is it a success or a failure? In this case, asking the question is really more important than the answer. It empowers you to do more than just review the past, it is still 2015, we have half of it left to accomplish what we set out to do. If the obstacles have been more difficult than you expected, look at this month as a strategy session. Regroup, and allow yourself the ability to make a new approach.

You’re not starting over, everything you’ve done so far isn’t a failure, it’s just research. You know in July what didn’t work in January. You’re better equipped to achieve your goal because you know what this year holds. Anything you do from now until December 31st will have the same date stamp on it as if you started successfully on January one. Let me share with you three things that can help realign the second half of the year.

First, whether you are positive or negative by nature, allow yourself a mental reset. This doesn’t mean that the pain is gone, or that the wounds of it are any less new. What it does mean is that you are saying to yourself something very important. That everything that has happened that hurt you, along with the pain and injury, all happened before you began your recovery.

Second, while it’s the same year, realize that your inventory has changed. Whether it’s been a year of prosperity or tragedy, your resources are different. Please notice, I didn’t say better or worse, only different, here I’m not referring to your year’s experiences.  This is in no way an attempt to lessen what you’ve fought to get to this point, it’s about your tools.

What you have in July is different than what you had in January. Everything from the climate, to the position of the Earth is different. What do you not have in July that was weighing you down in January? Or, what do you have access to today, that you didn’t have then?

Something is different, the key is to use that variation to your advantage. It’s not about a silver lining, it’s about mining your resources. Many don’t know that Mickey Mouse wasn’t Walt Disney’s first character. He created him after losing the rights to Oswald the Lucky rabbit. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but he was able to utilize it to his advantage.

Third, before you commit your new outlook and inventory to climbing that wall again, reevaluate your plan. Is it possible that the problem wasn’t your goal, but your plan of action? Most mountains have a side that is a better climb than the other.

If you don’t see any other way to complete your goal than what you have already tried, get a fresh set of eyes. Ask someone else their opinion. Someone has successfully traveled the road that is ahead of you. They know how to compensate for the higher elevation, they have lungs that can cope with the thinner air. Let them teach you how to breathe where you’re going, before you get there.

This year isn’t over, your goal is still within reach. You may have to alter your strategy, but this month is a good time to reposition yourself for success. Discouragements, circumstances, and shifts in resources may all be a part of this year, but they not the deciding factor, you are. Reset, restock, and rework your approach to make the second half, the best half of your year!

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