S.T.A.R.T. 5: Meet The Story Tellers


It’s rare that you meet two people as talented and as committed as Jason Potter and Brittany Livingston Potter. Whether you’re looking at starting a streaming cast, YouTube channel, or blog, the principles they share will enhance any project.  Their story will inspire you to share your story at a higher level than before.

To understand a story completely, you have to understand the story tellers. Those people behind the camera who have lived and breathed what you and I are now watching. When you know their story, it makes what you’re viewing more magical.

Jason Potter and Brittany Livingston Potter help connect Point Of Mercy.net’s message through live streaming and around the clock access, this includes both YouTube and Vimeo. A wonderful example of this is “The Rhythm” video which conveys the theme God gave our Lead Pastor Denny Livingston for the year of 2015.

Like any great storyteller, they are as much jugglers as they are anything else. To understand what they do, it’s important that you know the volume of it. Along with the interview, I’d like to give you a glimpse at their personal story.

What began as two teenagers dating developed into much more. Over time, they fell in love, married, and are now a few months away from their sixth anniversary. Not only do they share a life together, they work together on a daily basis.

They also have become expert at the art of storytelling. At it’s core, it’s about communication. These two individuals are as adept at both as anyone I’ve ever been privileged to know.

While one grew up in a Pastor’s home, the other began as a star athlete. The journey each traveled may differ, but both have a heartfelt passion for what they do. Each were influenced by family and mentors who care about them. They have embraced the lessons that were modeled for them, and are striving to pass them on to those they influence.

Brittany grew up in a Pastor’s home that was also very talented. Her parents, Lead Pastor Denny Livingston and Alonna McCool Livingston, passed along a passion for both God and music to their eldest daughter.

She watched as her parents filled the needs of a congregation, even when that meant learning a skill they had never had before. What was equally wonderful was the fact that they gave Brittany the freedom to choose where and what she wanted to do. They didn’t place a guitar in her hands because a guitarist was needed, they gave her one because she asked to learn.

[tweetthis]”It needed to better, because it could be better.”[/tweetthis]

This desire for learning though was a gift, one that she has utilized completely. Countless hours were spent, not watching music videos, but tutorials. Learning how to excel in Photoshop, Final Cut, and Adobe After Effects was the way she spent her evenings. I’ve never seen anyone as skilled, or as brilliant as she is.

She explained to me that “Design was a passion because of it’s ability to convey a vision.” At the time, she knew that there were no open positions in media, so she learned, and waited. Brittany was drawn to design because of what she called “the ability to captivate.”

Jason, who I’m convinced, knows every aspect of production, came to video for a different reason. A concrete, math loving, structured young man didn’t necessarily have the desire to run a video department. He did however want to make sure that those who couldn’t attend service could watch it from where they were.

When asked to comment on it, he explained it this way. “It needed to better, because it could be better. I didn’t know where to start, so I started somewhere.” What you and I call skills, he views as solutions to a problem. These two spend their weeks finding creative, and visual solutions to those problems, and love doing it.

To Brittany, the most challenging part of her role, is also the most rewarding. That is the ability to help someone share their vision. More than anything, they view themselves as servants. Whether it was a Minister, or one of the business she also works with, it’s about helping others. She loves nothing better than giving shape to someone’s dream.

The two of them compliment each other, and their staff very well. Brittany being a more abstract thinker, and Jason’s concrete analytical approach build one on the other. I think it’s because of the attitude they bring to a team.

Jason explains that he appreciates what creative people bring to the table. He views the two types much like a right and left arm. The two groups work, not on a turn based system, but in tandem. Their gifts parallel and enhance the other. Brittany agrees, she enjoys the diversity of thinking that this corroboration brings.

The two have brought this type of thinking to training too. Jason explained that, while the equipment differs, the principles of video work are the same. Frames per second, aperture, and sound quality are all constants. They are also secondary to the relationships that are built as you work on a team.

“The most rewarding accomplishment isn’t the technical success, but the relationship that develops between those you work with. A project is important, but it is never more important, or more valuable than the relationship.” Brittany and Jason’s approach to people has always been to be very kind and patient.

For Jason, he credits this partially to his sports experience. “If you have good people working for you, then kindness is easy. To motivate someone that you value, especially if they’re struggling, is incredibly rewarding.”

Whether it’s a Youtube channel, audio or video podcast, or a blog, their advice is to start with the need first. “Why are you doing it? Just because others are, just because its good in theory, doesn’t mean it would apply to your situation.”

Their belief is that anything you do, should be about adding value to others. For example, if you’re considering beginning a Youtube channel, will it add value to the people you’re reaching? The concept they live by is “Don’t do just anything, do the best thing.”

At the end of the day, when you’re trying to determine what to do next, you must figure out who you are. Do what makes sense for your situation. From where to start, to even knowing when to monetize a blog, involves the same mental approach.

The key to it all is learning, realizing both what you do know, and what you don’t know. Knowledge is power, discover what you need to learn to fulfill your dreams. Find out who, what, or where has the knowledge you need to get you there. Once you’ve equipped yourself to accomplish your goal, and you’re confident that you can do it correctly, if the timing is right, go forward.

[tweetthis]”Don’t do just anything, do the best thing.”[/tweetthis]

The formula they bring to the table is a combination of four things. The first is attitude. Yes, they get tired, yes they sometimes need a day off, but they are always willing to do what is needed to make something excellent. The passion in their spirit is always greater than either the energy or the fatigue in their body.

Second, the dedication to detail is what makes the work that they do cutting edge. When you view a video or a broadcast they’ve participated in, it’s always complete. From lighting to the choice of shading, nothing is left to chance.

Third is the value that they place on their team. If you cherish the people that you work with, they will cherish you. If you are committed to their well being, they will commit themselves to you first, and then to your project.

Last of all, is a willingness to constantly learn and enhance what you do. They never limit themselves to the software, hardware, or the process that they are currently working on. Jason and Brittany both want to do the best work. They fall in love with what they do, and not the current way they do it.

This approach has helped to take our Church from a static website to a constantly growing means of sharing a life changing message with the world. Doing things well, doing things better, and doing them with the best attitude will ensure an excellent experience for your entire audience.

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