The Sea Horse: The Society Of Thieves

  “Groups have romanticized origins, but I can only report what I was told.  Many years ago, our leader was a Frenchman.  He worked for the King Of France. His position was that of a land based privateer. At least, that’s what the King called it.  Others called him a thief, so he formed the Voleurs Société, or the Society Of Thieves.  Whole unrelated families joined the organization.  The problem was the King could not publicly endorse him, so he was in constant danger of death.”

Actrice picked up the story, the two talked in turn.  Sea Horse expected this was some form of strategy the two used on their enemies.  They alternated seamlessly back and forth through the entire conversation.  “His solution was to establish members of the Voleurs Société throughout Europe.  They worked together, until it suited them not too.  Ours was the English branch, after a few generations, a group of our ancestors transitioned to America.”

It was Hyperbole’s turn.  “Every band has a cover, some secondary monetary stream that also hides our main job.  Occasionally country’s leaders still call on us, other times we freelance.  Once when we were young Mimic, Actrice, and I were friends.  As much in love with the theater as we were our different family’s businesses.  We had an argument over who would play the lead in the play, and in a relationship with Actrice.  He wanted both roles, I was content to let him play Hamlet, but not to marry the woman I loved.”

She spoke. “We escaped, or so we thought, until he was waiting for us at the plane.  He paid off the people in the small airport, and took me with him.  I refused to marry him, and he’s kept me locked up in different locations for the last number of years.  Meanwhile, he became famous and built a secondary empire, he’s also a leader in the American society.”

It was now the Sea Horse’s turn.  “So you decided to liberate her, embarrass him, and establish yourself as his replacement?”  Hyperbole laughed, “Yes, yes, and no. Other than Actrice, and the odd assistant, I work alone.  I’m not interested in leading Oceania’s crime family, or the society.  I prefer to watch him squirm, to explain to the other Baronets why he cannot even steal a Bride.  This way, his pride will prevent him from trying again, and by hiding in the open, we will be safe.  You see Sea Horse, I intend to be, while not your nemesis, a prominent independent contractor on your roster of antagonists.”

“Wonderful, you’ll excuse me if I don’t applaud.  I will however acknowledge your performance at the Diamond Exchange.  You weren’t ever really there were you?  That’s how your gloves could appear to cut glass.”  “Bravo, the only thing that was there, or at the gallery, was my walking staff.  It, a drone, projected a holographic illustration, and emitted the stun gas pellets.  The diamonds were stolen by the odd assistants while the guards slept. This trick also enabled me to distract Mimic while I located my Bride.”

“So, you’ve not only inserted the two of you into Oceania, but the Society into the city as well.  Now I assume I’ll have Mimic to contend with.  He’ll claim that you worked for him all along, and that you were scouting out a new area to play in.”  “You’re very observant, although you can cast my cousin for tha role.  Or did you not know that Carbuncle is a member of the Society?  Why do you think he was released so easily from jail?”

“We thought he had friends in important areas of the city.” “Oh he does, and each of them wear a golden mask pin.  It’s the calling card of the Society.  I’m not bringing them here to hide, I’m hiding here because this is their new base.  Mimic intends to make this a new cultural center, that’s why he built the Colonnade.  That way, he can leave Hollywood and move here without notice, to run your city.  You have more problems than us I’m afraid.  Siegel Heights was not me attacking you, it was me warning you.”

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