Art and My Grandparents

IMG_0093.jpgArt, what is it, why is it important, and how can it benefit you? Those three questions are the first ones that you must answer if you want to get someone interested in the art world. I’d like to share with you my answers to these questions.

First, what is it?

It’s anything that has a beauty to it, whether it’s a classic Vermeer, or a walking stick carved in my hometown. It’s not the price tag that makes it special. It’s the craftsmanship, the technique, and the sentiment attached. A work of art may never become valuable to your wallet, but it can to your heart.

[tweetthis]Life sprang forth not still, but animated, vibrant, and brilliant. Can you imagine the masterpiece that was creation?[/tweetthis]

A family portrait is a great example, it may never be valuable to anyone outside of the family, but it wasn’t made for them anyway. Three of my favorite painters are probably not on most people’s lists. Thomas Kinkade, Tony Bennett, and George W. Bush are among my favorites, because they are important to me.

The way that Thomas Kinkade captured light in his paintings, especially his Christmas and city scenes, are among my favorites. Thomas Kinkade, Tony Bennett and George W. Bush inspired me to start painting. They also share something with my beautiful Wife Ashley. She, and their example, inspired me to start painting again after giving it up years before.

If I’m bored, taking a few minutes to look at Tony Bennett’s paintings helps inspire me. While his is a different style than mine, I love most the joy that George W. Bush gets out of painting. That is one of the main catalyst that brought art back into my life.

 Why is it important?

I think the most powerful reason is that it reflects a positive outlook. This world is filled with negativity, and there is a lot of reality to it. Art reminds us to look for the beauty in our situation, our work, and the relationships of our lives.

I believe that art brings us closer to our Creator. If you mix paint for a sky, or a flower, or a face, you’ll learn something. They aren’t one color, or one hue. The subtleties that it takes to reproduce a still image, are nothing to what it took to speak a cardinal into existence. The Bible says that the sea brought forth the living creature. Life sprang forth not still, but animated, vibrant, and brilliant. Can you imagine the masterpiece that was creation?

 How can it benefit you?

I didn’t learn to love art in some museum. My Grandparents, C.A. and Virginia Hill are one of the main reasons I love art. I’m proud to say that he wasn’t an art critic, he was a coal miner, and a Minister. I’ll never forget the painting that hung in the mobile home for years. He was a craftsman in carpentry, and he appreciated the beauty of art. My Grandmother loved to watch a German and an American painter on the local PBS station every week.

I hope, first it shows you how down to Earth art can be. In every race, nation, and people there are artists. Men and women who produce something for the joy of others. Art crosses cultures, breaks down economic barriers, and has a message that anyone can be a part of it. For too long, people have viewed it as some high society pursuit.

To me, the definition of true art, is something that produces joy for the artist and for others. If that is the case, then art should be a part of everyone’s life. What we produce should bring happiness to us and all around us.

Your work should be given the attention an artist would a canvas. What you produce is as much a signature piece as a sculptor’s statue. Your family life should reflect the colors of love, laughter, and convictions. Our actions produce prints called memories in our children’s lives. As a Christian, I believe that one’s commitment to their faith should be treated with a committed and delicate hand just like the brush strokes of a landscape.

I collect art, it’s in the relationships I value, the memories I cherish, and in things that remind me of them. If you want to start collecting art, it’s really all around you. As for the painted kind, I’ve found Pinterest is a great place to collect that won’t endanger your finances. I have two different boards that I pin art too. More important than the painting itself, is the connection that it gives me to those I love.

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