The Sea Horse: New In Town

  Mimic had chosen a costume.  He wasn’t unaccustomed to them, having acted all his life. This would be different, it was his first public persona as a Baronet of The Society Of Thieves. Prior to now, he had worked in the shadows, preferring to build his public reputation as head of the Almeric Group.

Leonard Almeric would have to learn to juggle two faces. One legitimate, and the other totally opposite.   His costume needed flair, it needed class, it needed “an ascot.” He laughed at his own style.  He was a Baronet, a General of con men, he would mimic famous leaders and disarm others with his flamboyant but dangerous image. 

He wore a bronze metal mask with the features of a skinny Henry VIII.  A Napoleonic crown topped the mask, while a shogun’s robe covered his torso, exposing the red ascot and black camouflage jumpsuit underneath.  His weapon of choice, a small rifle fashioned with the same coloring and pearl accents as Patton’s prize side arms. Black knee high boots finished the outfit. Mimic’s voice was disguised to give him a Swedish accent.  

He wanted to leave an impression beyond fashion.  So as his first public exhibit, he kidnapped the Mayor of Oceania in broad daylight. Dropping down from a helicopter during the Mayor’s press conference on the steps of City Hall.  “The ransom is one billion dollars or the Sea Horse’s freedom.  Oceania, you have forty eight hours to comply. If not, I suggest you hold a new election, and interview another hero.”

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