Discovery, the action or process itself, keeps life vibrant. The possibilities are endless, and the joy is in the pursuit of knowledge. I would like to share with you three suggestions I feel will add value to your life, in a meaningful way.

Life should contain mystery, as well as opportunity. Men have explored continents, located cures for tropical diseases, and won Pulitzer Prizes for  two reasons. First, the need was both real and great. Second, the pursuit was noble and exciting. Your time on Earth can hold meaning and adventure, no matter what your age, situation, or circumstance.

The first topic I recommend is a very personal one to me, the study of Scripture. I believe that the combination of hearing the Word taught, and private study will enhance every day of your life. It’s this twofold application that will perform, and transform your life on multiple levels.

Chiefly of which is to enhance your spiritual journey. It will strengthen, comfort, and counsel you. Life is hard, your problems are serious, and you don’t have to solve them alone. His Word can insulate you from the conditions that surround you, and give you the peace to continue on.

The second topic is something that I’m also currently experiencing, learning a second language. If you’re like me, you don’t currently have time for a class, and many of the ways you’ve tried to learn haven’t worked for you. Recently I began something that, for me at least, is a wonderful solution.

The app I’m using is called Duolingo, a tool that has combined fun and function. It is designed somewhat like a game, and through the process of repetition, I’m learning French. Although there are several languages to choose from. I don’t expect to hop a plane to Paris anytime soon, but I am learning and having a good time.

Learning a second language has several benefits, but part of it is the challenge. It is working my brain, exploring an area of interest, and challenging me in a new and different way. As we get older, keeping engaged mentally will enhance our thinking, keeping us sharp.

The last topic may seem trivial, but in reality it really it’s not, and that is a personal interest. It could be most anything, a sports statistician, a mystery buff, or a sci-fi fan. Either way, you’ll learn facts, figures, and bits of trivia that you’ll be able to recall at a moments notice.

Why is that important? Because it not only keeps you sharp, it makes you happy. The pursuit of life was meant to be enjoyable, and even that has a side benefit. When you are happy, you’re more engaged. You’re plugged in to what’s going on around you.  

Life holds challenges and surprises that can seem overwhelming. That’s why personal devotion, learning a new language, and private interests can help you. They will give you perspective, provide a challenge, and being you joy. It’s the attempt as much as the find itself that makes us better. Today I encourage you, pick a subject you’ve not tackled before, and start the process of discovery. 

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