Why Jesus Walked On Water

Israel_Tiberias2_tango7174Recently my wife Ashley and I were teaching the KidsPoint class on Sunday at our church, Point Of Mercy. The lesson started off with the storm on the Sea Of Galilee, and Jesus walking on water. I love kids, and I love their questions. Their very first question was, why did Jesus walk on water? They wanted to know more than the fact that it was cool, they wanted to know what it meant to them. This post was birthed from that question.

You are a fisherman, your life is the sea. It can make you or break you. Spouses have become either wealthy or widows as a result of it’s actions. It seems that it is your master, until you see someone independent of it, even subdue it, and then watch them walk over it.

That’s what happened to Simon Peter, and the rest of the Disciples. It’s such an amazing event that we are tempted to stand and simply wonder, and we should. Like the children in our class, we should also ask what it means to me. Jesus didn’t just do these incredible things because they were cool. He did them to show those that left everything for Him, that He could take care of them.

Jesus, unlike the sea, was not careless, or selective of who received a blessing. The Bible says He is doesn’t respect persons, meaning He doesn’t play favorites. What He promised to one, He will give to all. Christ wanted them to realize that He was powerful enough to save them, strong enough to keep them, and had resources enough to supply for them. He also wanted them to know individually that He was kind enough to care for each and every one of them.

[tweetthis]The Lord would trade His life for ours, water for vinegar, and unequaled agony for our freedom.[/tweetthis]

He still wants us to know the exact same things today. He used and uses analogies that we can understand. Water had been used by God to teach for centuries. Now Jesus was on Earth, pictures paled in comparison to the real thing. He spent a lifetime showing others that He was The One that could quench their thirst, supply their needs, and overcome their problems .

At the Cross, He uttered two words, “I thirst”, knowing three things when He said it. First, that it was a fulfillment of Scripture. Second, that according to the prophecy, they would offer Him vinegar instead of water. An third, that it was one of the greatest ironies in the existence of time itself.

The Water Of Life thirsted for something. He longed to see His creation freed from the chain that bound us. Jesus had walked on water to reveal to His Disciples that He could not only conquer their sea, but their sin. Now at Calvary, The Lord would trade His life for ours, water for vinegar, and unequaled agony for our freedom.

Jesus walked on water because, according to the Scripture, only God can. Just as only He could span the chasm between a perfect God and a fallen man. Before the sea had robbed wives of their husbands, sin had cost God His children. He would cross anything, subdue anything, and conquer all to get them back. Today, He wants to do the same for you.  Jesus wants to minister to your need, to help you with your problem.

Whether you’re in the middle of a problem, or sinking under the weight of it, let Him help you with it today. Everyone needs to know that someone is both powerful enough, and cares enough to attend to their need. It’s an old song, but the perfect way to bring this post to a close. “When the waves are over your head, they’re under His feet.” You and I are the reason that Jesus walked on water.

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