The Sea Horse: Society Rules

  The Sea Horse, Armor, Carbuncle, Hyperbole, and The Brittish Rose all went.  Mimic was invited, but he sent a representative instead.  Each were summoned to the abandoned Air Force base just outside the city.  The land had been purchased recently by a shell corporation. Everyone knew it was a trap, but they were too curious not to go.  

Soon each faced a hundred men. They were subdued in an energy field, and suspended in anti-gravity chambers above acid tanks.  When the stage was set, their captor appeared to gloat.

“For too long factions have stolen the spotlight.  I am The Sea Horse’s nemesis, I am the criminal leader of this city, and I am tired of all of you.”  High Society announced calmly as he pushed the button that turned off the anti-gravity chamber.  Each prisoner was sent hurdling face first towards an acid bath.

Just as quickly as he turned it off, he turned it back on.  “What good is it if I kill you.  I want you to each know the rules of this city, the Society Rules, and I’m not talking about Mimic’s toy group either.”

“Stay out of my way. Do not anger me, and most of all, fear my actions.  Now that we’ve established this, you’re free to go. If you can figure out a way to escape.  Otherwise we’ll, we’re done then.”

High Society flew away as his henchmen filed out in trucks.  Sea Horse, having heard what he needed to hear, broke free.  Armor followed suit.  Hyperbole was never really there, it being one of his robot doubles instead of his holographic projections.  Soon, each was free of the death cell.

Once each man was loose, the robotic Hyperbole spoke to the group.  “He seemed different somehow.  Slightly unhinged perhaps.”  Armor spoke next, “Maybe the equipment that gives him his power has affected his brain. He’s angrier than I’ve seen h.”  

The Sea Horse shook his head. “This wasn’t insanity, and this wasn’t anger.  He’s as sane as he ever was, he staged this show for each of our benefit.  His goal wasn’t to kill or even capture us.  Society knew we’d escape, his goal was … to get us out of the city.”

Each rushed back to see what High Society’s real plan was.  All but Hyperbole, since he was never really there, he and Actrice escaped to their ‘appropriated’ yacht in the marina.  Mimic’s representative, Titanic, conferenced in his boss on the way.

It hadn’t even been 12 hours since Mimic had kidnapped the Mayor and threatened The Sea Horse.  Titanic knew his boss did not like being upstaged.  This High Society seemed to have skills, equipment, and manpower.  He would be an opponent to watch closely.

“High Society is planning to hit us, and hard.  He made it plain that he wants to run this city.  You are in danger, you need to evacuate.”  Mimic laughed.  “High Society is like all the others.  I do not fear him, if he wants a war, I’ll match his actions, move for move.”

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