Hisbits: The Study Of History

  Canon fire, secret alliances, romance, and discovery, these are the events of history. For too long school children have been condemned to see it regulated as a memorization of dates. At some point, people turned one of the most interesting courses of study, into a boring textbook.

A handful have sought to change this. The writers David McCullough and Dorothy Kearns Goodwin are among them. Their books, 1776 and A Team Of Rivals have made adults aware that history never had to be dry and lifeless. Documentarians like Ken Burns, with The Civil War, sought to bring it to life as well. History is about our heritage, not a collection of times.

Rugged men and women braved the wildernesses of this, and other countries, to turn them into places where the ongoing generations could live safely. Kings fought wars over the destiny of continents. Men went to space to explore God’s intricate designs in the Heavens.

All of this is history, whether you remember a single date or not, you’ll never forget the lives involved. Stories such as how a German Prince fell in love with an English princess who went on to become of the most powerful rulers Britain had ever seen. The life of Victoria and Albert is not only fact, it’s one of the great love stories of history.  

Learn how the conqueror of France’s men discovered the key to unlocking Egypt’s mysteries. It’s a new way to view Napoleon. One more Hisbit, did you know he was born on an island called Corsica, and not on the French mainland.  

This should be the way both children and adults learn history. This is what our Hisbits articles are about. To share with PruittWrites readers a love of history at its most exciting. 

We hope that you enjoy learning not so much the when’s of history, but the bits and pieces that are real life adventure and intrigue.

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