Negative Eyes, Positive Lenses

I am privileged to know people who, in a very real way, are always positive. Their outlook is not the fake or plastic demeanor of a TV character, but that of a real, positive person who must deal with real problems. I myself, if not careful, have a tendency to view things in a negative way, but I realized that I don’t have to choose this. There is a work around for negative eyes. I call them positive lenses.

As a Christian, I know all will work for my good, however I battle with my flesh at times to maintain the proper viewpoint. One reason I prefer a positive outlook is because of the mindset it brings. Even though positivity isn’t my natural habitat, I much prefer it to worry.

The first positive lens is to establish reminders that help me view things through Christ’s eyes. This does two things, first, it still provides a realist’s logic to a situation, and second, it elevates my viewpoint. The Lord Jesus was both an optimist and a realist. He knew the cost, but also knew that He had the power to pay it. When you look at a temporary issue with eternal lenses, it gives perspective to the problem.

The second positive lens is the encouragement of those you value. Whether it’s friends and family, a mentor, a peer, or a pupil, they want to see nothing else than your success. Mentors and peers will have experiences that teach you how, and pupils will remind you of why it is important to try. Family and friends will see hope for you, even when your eyes are filled with tears.

The third positive lens is a future goal. This is something you want to accomplish that is just beyond the time table of your battle. Desire turns castaways into survivors, soldiers into heroes, and businessmen into billionaires. It may be a simple goal, but no matter the length, make it a little farther out than your current issue or situation.

Jesus said “I Am come that ye might have life, and more abundantly.” We don’t just have to live based on what we’re battling, we can look ahead to what’s waiting for us. If like myself, you struggle with a positive viewpoint,  let me encourage you. There is a way to reframe your vision.  

Begin with looking above to Jesus, then to those surrounding you who love you, and third to what you hope to accomplish. You and I, can and will, correct years of negative vision. It only takes the proper corrective lenses of hope, commitment, and encouragement to see that the best is always before us. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s good to hear what works for different people. I have one friend that just talking about it seems to make their outlook more positive. Another does better not talking about it. It’s something that I must be consistent about myself.

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