The Sea Horse: Thief Vs Thief

  High Society had threatened every player in Oceania.  Mimic had kidnapped the Mayor, and put a price on The Sea Horse’s head.  Now, before Sea Horse could get back to the city, the two were leveling buildings around them.

“I lead this city Mimic, give me the Mayor.”  High Society demanded as he shot lasers directly at Mimic’s torso.  Mimic blocked them with a force field his suit generated, then countered by returning energy blasts of his own. “My army says otherwise.  You are a small player on a much larger stage. I suggest you withdraw!”

“I’m not afraid of your society Mimic.  I’ve known of its existence for years, and kept at bay from it.  Now, I make the threats.  I control this city.  You are mine!”  

High Society knew he was playing a dangerous game.  His goal was to make the other factions think he had become unhinged, capable of doing anything.  While, all the time, playing behind the scenes.  He had been strategically bribing Mimic’s lower lieutenants for weeks now.  

The problem was, everyone he paid off, eventually disappeared.  Mimic didn’t tolerate disloyalty, so Society had to take another tactic.  If he couldn’t take Mimic down through graft, he would embarrass him in battle.

Once the society saw their Baronet defeated, High Society could exert his influence.  His brother had been a member of the Society, so he knew it’s workings.  Unfortunately, Mimic was proving stronger than High Society had expected.

“If you can’t win the battle, destroy the trophy!”  High Society said as he blasted the pillar holding the Mayor.  Just in the nick of time, Swordfish rescued the politician.  “Not today gents, Oceania can’t handle another set of speeches while someone tries to fill the Mayor’s post.”

Angry, both villains turned their blast on Swordfish.  It was at that moment, the Sea Horse arrived. “I don’t like uneven games.  How about we change things up a little.”  He said, as he picked Mimic up off the ground.

Swordfish speared High Society’s tank, destabilizing his flight pattern.  Mimic and Sea Horse were locked in battle.  Each returning and repelling the other’s blows.  Always an opportunist, Carbuncle had decided to seize the day himself.  

His solution was to fire a missile, aimed directly for Langly Tower, Mimic’s skyrise headquarters.  Spectrum and Loggerhead intercepted it in midflight.  They were able to change its direction, sending it to the ocean instead.

Am earthquake finally stopped the battle, the villains retreating as the heroes rescued innocent citizens.  High Society hadn’t got what he was after, but he secured his runner up prize.  Mimic returned to his real base, thankful for his ally’s intervention.

“Thank you Titanic for the distraction.  You were right, High Society is more dangerous than I had anticipated.  He managed to secure  the Infantino Plan on his exit.  We can’t have that.”  The monument sized Titanic responded.  “He won’t be able to activate it,  only I have the mechanism that powers it.”

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