Composer And Accompanist

  There are times, when all you need is to play the melody. Musicians call it an instrumental, there are no words, spoken or written for this interlude. All you can do is play the music, often, it’s because you don’t know what to say. At other times, you’re too busy choking back tears to make your voice work.

Either way, that’s okay, just play the music. You’ve got the notes, you’ve got the talent, and you’ve got the instrument, just play. Sometimes, all we are meant to do is to accompany the singer. The spotlight shines, and someone walks out of the wings, a microphone in their hands.

They smile, start to count, then before you know it, you’re playing, and they’re singing. Now the words and the melody are in sync, and the song is over. The music soothes, and maybe you even join in at the chorus.

You may have figured out by now, I’m not talking about music. Maybe you’re going through something today that you don’t know how to handle. You don’t know how to react, but that’s okay. Just keep doing what you know to do.

Go through your day, get up, get ready, go to work, play the melody. In other words, go through the motions of your day. For a day, just 24 hours, stop trying to figure it out. Pray about it, thank God for an answer, and go into your day.  

Ask Him to supply the words, and to write the ending that you can’t begin too comprehend. The music is easier than the words because it comes natural to you. It’s an extension of your soul. We are good at routine, God is great at the extraordinary.

Today, do what you can do, and just play the music. Don’t worry about the timing, God knows where the intro should be. He also knows how to lift your melody from chop sticks to a symphony, by adding other musicians.

Don’t worry today, for the next few hours, just play your song. Trust the Writer, the brass section will start when they’re supposed to. Before you know it, you’ll hear the violins and the cello’s join in, and your simple tune, is now part of The Master’s composition, just as it was always intended to be.  He’s The Conductor, we are just the accompanist.

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