The Sea Horse: Going National

  The two villains spoke through video conference. Just hours before they were trying to kill each other. Now, they were each other’s only hope of maintaining control of their criminal empires. Each had lost face, it would be only a matter of time before challengers knocked at their doors.

“Titanic is one of those rare entities you don’t control. He is a partner, and must be treated as such. Ignore that, and he will lose interest in your affairs. He is an eccentric genius, a scientist with the body of a steel tank that happens to be twelve feet tall. He will simply shut down and return to things that interest him. I know this, and I take steps to prevent it.”

 “You’re telling me this why?” “Because now Society, he is our only possible option. The Sea Horse has embarrassed both of us. He freed the Mayor, stopped you from killing me, and defeated Carbuncle. The only relevant factor that forces our subordinates to continue to listen to us, is Titanic.”

 “You have forced yourself to become my ally, if you want to remain viable in the city. To remain viable, we must release the Titanic on all of Oceania.” High Society didn’t like giving up his only ace. He had the plans for the Infantino Machine, but Titanic was the key. Titanic would not change loyalties, so the two ‘societies’ had to come together.  

 “All right, but who is he? Is he really related to Franklin and Edison? How does he do what he does?” “Who knows? Who cares? The Titanic never goes by anything else. His hair color and features alter almost independently, one moment he’s bald, the next minute he has red hair and a gray goatee. Here is what I know about him.”

He is a walking energy plant, producing electricity at a a massive rate. Able to channel it through vibration and affect the weather in a few hundred mile radius. His body generates heat, his bodysuit channels that through a atmospheric based process akin to hydraulics, and he generates bursts of destruction.”

 “So a combination of him and the Infantino Machine will secure Oceania?” “Oh no, this is larger than Oceania. This will place the East Coast at our feet. We are no longer campaigning for the Mayor’s attention. The entire country will take notice of us now!”

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