The Sea Horse: Clinics

imageHenry stood on the tarmac. Carla stood beside him. They watched as their adopted son, Aaron Matthews and his bride got off the helicopter and joined them. They had always been a little sad that Aaron had to give up medicine, but they understood. Aaron had a patient in Oceania that needed constant attention.

The problem was, now he had another patient, the whole country. Titanic was threatening the entire East coast. Oceania’s team of heroes faced a challenge. How to protect the country from one base. Ironically, the task that they needed to accomplish, didn’t need a crimefighter’s touch, but an administrator.

Henry brought this up to his son in the car. “Aaron, I’ve been thinking about your problem. I have a solution, but I don’t know that it will be accepted by your group.” “At this point, I think they’re willing to do anything, if it means stopping the epidemic Titanic is planning.”

Mimic, Titanic, and High Society were not only threatening to use his powers, coupled with the Infantino Machine to create a man made series of earthquakes, flash floods, and other weather related problems. They also were taking over gangs in major cities and supplying them with powerful weapons.

“You need more than a central hospital, so to speak, you need a series of clinics. Some of your allies need to move, at least temporarily, into the cities where the threats are. Oceania can generate new protectors, they set the precedent. The other cities don’t have time to learn it.”

Elizabeth looked at Aaron. “They’ll listen to Henry. They won’t like it, but they’ll listen.” Aaron sighed. “It’s the right answer, I just dread losing coverage here. We’ll have to start training people to take their place.” Carla spoke up. “No, not you two. Neither of you have the time, but I know who does.”

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