The Sea Horse: Boot Camp

image“Nicolai, I need your help.” “For you and Henry, Carla, I will travel to Singapore and back.” Nicolai smiled at his two friends. “I’m afraid we don’t need you to go anywhere, though that might be easier. We need a training center for heroes. Oceania is about to lose many of it’s heroes to other cities.”

“Inspector leaves for Chicago. Spectrum heads to Baltimore. Loggerhead will lead a team to Philadelphia. The Brittish Rose is being relocated to Washington.” “What about New York?” Carla sighed. “New York has a local person that has reached out to the Sea Horse. He has possibilities, but I’m uneasy of strangers. We knew the background of our allies, he is an unknown.”

“What does he call himself?” “He doesn’t, he gave his real name. He has a passion for his city, the problem is, he is a known personality. He wants to learn how to fight without revealing himself, and endangering his family.” “Who is he? How will he fund his war?” “Funding won’t be a problem, unfortunately, that’s because of who it is. It’s Walt Fleisher, the son of T. R. Fleisher, the richest man in New York.”

“He’ll be one of your first students. Walt will wear a mask his entire time here so no one will know. You can call him whatever you like, he wants help building a persona. Along with him, you’ll train four other individuals.” “Who are they?”

“A waiter from the area where Wonzu operates. A nephew of Tournament who wants to take down his Uncle’s crime family. A young lady who resents Malady’s intrusion into her city. An finally, an senior that, as a result of an accident, has the strength and stamina of a twenty year old. She feels she has a second chance to make a difference, and her goal is to remove the New Caterer’s gangs from her backyard.”

“Who chose them?” “No one, they volunteered. Before the others left, they were already reaching out to them to help where they could. We aren’t drafting heroes, we just need to let heroes know there is a place for them to get the training and the support they need.”

“This won’t allow just anyone to fight. Training will be hard.” “I understand, and we’ll help anyway we can. You’ll need to safeguard your identity as well.” “I will be what I am, and have always been. They will call me Soldier. This city is a battleground, and our base will be the bootcamp they need to make it in a city filled with danger.”

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