Every Step

awalkAt different times, you will be tempted to believe that you are either the hero or the villain of your story.  The enemy tries both tactics because they’re equally false.  Instead, every life is meant to have two central characters, Christ and His Church.  We are neither the lone adventurer, or the sidekick.

He, The Keystone Of The Universe, is the center of our hearts.  You and I, are the apple of The Center’s eye!  Don’t allow guilt or over confidence to trick you into focusing only on you and your sins.  It’s the story of two, not one.

Work on the areas of yourself you need to work on, but with this in mind.  You are not alone with either your guilt or your gifts, Christ is there with you.  He will compensate for your failings, and activate your features.

Pastor Denny Livingston preached a masterpiece of a Message on Sunday, “A Work In The Dust”, illustrating this.  It is a must listen for every Church in America, you can find it @ PointOfMercy.TV.  I’m so thankful that I don’t walk this road alone, but that Jesus is with me every step of the way!

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