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The Sea Horse: Concentration 

  “He cannot control it completely.  This energy apparatus he wears, that’s why the changes in his appearance happen.  They are a side effect of the energy of the machine.  The Infantino Machine will magnify his power yes, but it will also increase his instability.”  

Dr. Melvins had found the Sea Horse.  “So Doctor, since they already are planning mass destruction, what does this mean?”  “At best, their lives are also endangered, at worse, an atomic explosion ten times what they’ve threatened!”

The Sea Horse had few options, all of them bad.  He chose the most direct, relaying over Oceania’s airwaves Dr. Melvins’ message.  His hope was that Mimic and High Society were watching.  His efforts were not futile.

“You can’t control it! When we’re you going to tell us, before or after annihilation?” Mimic screamed at his enormous associate.  “I wasn’t, no more so   than you shared your association with the attack on my parents.” 

“So you we’re seeking revenge on me.”  “Not merely you, your entire organization. Plus, my cousins have some unfinished business with High Society, this was a bonus.”  

The Sea Horse’s nemesis had been quiet until then, hovering in the corner of the room.  “Now I know the face, your two henchmen.  They did some work for me, they failed, so I failed to pay them.  So you intend to do what, now that we know your plans?”

Titanic laughed as he discretely placed a pen size object under the table, and headed for the door. “I intend to kill you both, and then take over.  The Infantino machine will never need to be used, but the threat of it, will gain me power.  That will fill my accounts, and then I will disappear to enjoy it.”

He was exiting as he spoke his last words. “That bomb I just planted, in ninety seconds, will seal the room with a thermal  signature. If anyone goes in or out, it will explode.  If your body temperatures rise or fall too much from what they are now, it will explode.  I suggest you focus your concentration, not on me, but on staying alive.”

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Hisbits: Sarah Of NASCAR


Her name, Sarah Ashley Secoy, the first patient ever to survive acute myeloid leukemia. At six years old, a businessman’s employees told him her story. He was Bill France Junior, head of NASCAR.

He telephoned her father with a promise, to spread her story for an international donor across the world. He filled the airwaves with her plight, including funding a duet, “Sarah’s Song”, that France promoted to tens of thousands of radio stations.

After a six year hospital stay, in a germ free chamber, a match was found. The millions France helped raise paid for her treatment. Her survival lead to treatments that has saved thousands of children’s lives.

Perhaps Bill France Junior understood the needs of this family because his business was more than fast cars and money.  His Father, Big Bill had started out running a gas station and house painting.  He built the business, not only for his family, but with them.  Bill Junior ran a bulldozer to build Daytona International Speedway.

Many look at NASCAR as simply cars speeding around an oval track. When most race fans see an event, the names Petty, Earnhardt, and Waltrip come to mind. From now on, every decal filled car I see, will remind me of something else. I’ll think of a man who literally used his power, as a vehicle, to save the life of a little girl.

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imageToday, I would like to share a recent experience of mine. It made me aware of how many people, in everyday interactions, feel insignificant or unimportant. What’s scary is a fact that comes along with this knowledge. Too often, unconsciously, we are as capable of inflicting these unintentional hurts, as being the victims of them.

I delivered a rather important package to an acquaintance of mine. To be fair, he normally takes the time to at least look me in the eye. This day, he was simply too busy.

Most of the time, I wouldn’t have even noticed, but today I did. It surprised me that I was bothered by it. I don’t fault him for it, it merely made me ask myself how many times have I been him?

The UPS driver, the fast food cashier, the dog walking neighbor, they’re not interactions, they are people. How many are struggling in their own lives, with their own self worth? Who do we meet each day that may be struggling just to survive?

One smile, one look into their eyes, one validation of their significance may go unnoticed. The opposite however, can be very keenly felt. If we can be conscious of the need to acknowledge those around us, in some small way, we make a difference.

Every life is valuable. Every moment spent with someone is an opportunity to give dignity to another. Letting them know that they matter, regardless of the task, they are important to those around them.

Before you drive off from getting coffee, or hurry out of the store, smile at the person waiting on you. They may need a smile, a kind word, or just being looked in the eye. This simple act of respect, says you’re worth my time and attention, that you and what you do, are valuable.

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The Sea Horse: Titanic Fears

imageTitanic woke up in a cold sweat. He picked up his phone. “Have you found the doctor yet?” “If you wish to live you will. We only have two days.” The voice at the other end, his cousin Cargo, knew he wouldn’t carry it out.

The verbal warning had been for emphasis, it reflected the man’s panic. This was probably the huge man’s only fear. Knowing what it was, Cargo felt he was right.

Two billion dollars was riding on the villain’s secret. That, and revenge for their family. Mimic wouldn’t know until it was too late, but he would know.

High Society was an unexpected bonus, Cargo would get his own revenge as well. It was time that Oceania was rid of them both. Titanic, Cargo, and his brother would rule the city, as long as they found Melvins in time. He was in Oceania, standing on the docks of Alligate, waiting for The Sea Horse.

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Hisbits: Keep Flying

imageShe was donated by the British, and trained by Americans, to serve in war torn France. In spite of wounds that cost her eye and a leg, after being shot down, she took flight to save 194 soldiers.

Cher Ami, or Dear Friend, was a carrier pigeon, the band was the “Lost Battalion” of the 77th division. American Major Charles Whittlesey and his men were pinned down in the battle of the Argonne between the enemy and allied forces. Having lost over 400 men, a message had to get through.

We are along the road parallel to 276.4. Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us. For heaven’s sake, stop it.”

Two other pigeons had been sent with messages, both had been shot down. Cher Ami had to survive. The enemy saw her rise from the camp and opened fire for several minutes. She was shot down once, but continued on.

The messenger arrived at camp, covered in blood, and shot through the breast. Traveling 25 miles in 25 minutes, she saved the lives of 194 men. Army medics worked feverishly to save the pigeon’s own life. In the end she survived, albeit half blind and minus a leg.

None other than General Black Jack Pershing escorted her to a boat for America. Once in the states, Cher Ami became the mascot of the Department of Service. France gave her the same medal it gave to French and American soldiers.

This was only one of the twelve important notes that she had delivered. Cher Ami knew that, in spite of the bullets fired at her, the message must get through. This small carrier pigeon defied everything to fulfill her mission.

Today in cities across this world, pigeons are called pests, in war they’re called heroes. The difference isn’t the bird, but the message it carries. Don’t allow those who view you as a pest, to keep you out of the air. You have a mission and a message, carry it through to victory!

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Pace Yourself

imagePsalms 37:23
The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way.

So much of our lives, we attempt to set the pace of plans, and He wants us to have dreams, and big ideas. What this verse teaches us isn’t control, but rhythm.

The word ordered here, not only means to direct, but to make firm, and perfect. If we will seek His will, our steps will be made sure, even when we are not sure of what to do next. As a Father steadies His toddler, He will hold us up as we walk.

Perhaps today, you’re getting ready to step into the unknown. He will perfect, or bring to maturity, all conflicts involving His children. Every thing we face, before it stands before us, He has defeated.

We cannot know a battle greater than The Lord Of Hosts. We will never face a force or foe that Christ hasn’t conquered. He loves us too much lead us anywhere but to a place of victory.

Pace yourself, “Proceed as Christ enlightens”. Set your tempo by His direction. When we do, no matter the conflict, He will lead us to victory!