The Sea Horse: The Recruits

recruitsSoldier, dressed in tan and black camouflage, a tan face mask, and black beret, addressed his cadets. “You are here to learn to fight for your city. It’s dangerous, even deadly. You’ve prepared, as much as you can mentally, for that. Now, face the fact that what you do is lonely. Most won’t know who you are, and if they care, it’s for the wrong reason.”

“You’re job is to protect, as quietly as possible, those around you. The reason you wear costumes is to draw the same attention a bullseye would on a target. You’re volunteering to be the bait, if they hit you, they won’t hit someone else. If you’re ready, we’ll begin. First, stop me from getting across this field.”

Each recruit gave it their best. The ones with powers relied too heavily on their abilities. The ones without relied too heavily on strategy. Only one was able to get close to stopping Soldier, and he stunned him with a stun staff. It was a last minute recruit, known only as PocketWatch, that almost made it.

“Most of you did as expected, and that is not bad. PocketWatch you only made one mistake, you tried to disarm me, as if it were a gun. When the weapon is foreign to you, don’t assume what direction it fires. Now, we’ll reverse it. You all will try to cross the field, and I’ll stop you.”

Each time that day, Soldier won, but each time he taught them why. Their training would be difficult, but it had to be, because it would also be short. The recruits would be called up for active duty much sooner than anyone expected. It would take every Ally they could muster to stop High Society and Mimic’s war.

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