The Sea Horse: The Survey

imageIn another city, a man sits at a desk. He is reading a report that should never have reached him. It’s a geological survey with some abnormal findings.

There is a knock at the door, and unlike the movies, he realizes in time what he must do. He grabs his coat, takes something out of it, and destroys the report before answering the door. As he answers the door, the fireplace crackles on the early fall night.

“Dr Melvins, do you have the Carrion survey?” “Come on in, but I’m afraid I don’t.” “You’ll forgive my doubts, but it was delivered two hours ago.” “It was supposed to be, but I don’t have it. You’re more than welcome to search the room if you don’t believe me.”

The man declined verbally, but did using his powers. It wasn’t there, so he allowed the man to live. The Titanic’s operative, Cargo, made an excuse and left. Dr. Melvins waited twenty minutes and headed for the airport.

It was only before boarding the plane that the Doctor hit send on the cell phone. Once the pics were sent, he destroyed the burner cell phone. He hurried to board, as the announcement for the flight to Oceania, made its final call.

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