The Sea Horse: Titanic Fears

imageTitanic woke up in a cold sweat. He picked up his phone. “Have you found the doctor yet?” “If you wish to live you will. We only have two days.” The voice at the other end, his cousin Cargo, knew he wouldn’t carry it out.

The verbal warning had been for emphasis, it reflected the man’s panic. This was probably the huge man’s only fear. Knowing what it was, Cargo felt he was right.

Two billion dollars was riding on the villain’s secret. That, and revenge for their family. Mimic wouldn’t know until it was too late, but he would know.

High Society was an unexpected bonus, Cargo would get his own revenge as well. It was time that Oceania was rid of them both. Titanic, Cargo, and his brother would rule the city, as long as they found Melvins in time. He was in Oceania, standing on the docks of Alligate, waiting for The Sea Horse.

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