imageToday, I would like to share a recent experience of mine. It made me aware of how many people, in everyday interactions, feel insignificant or unimportant. What’s scary is a fact that comes along with this knowledge. Too often, unconsciously, we are as capable of inflicting these unintentional hurts, as being the victims of them.

I delivered a rather important package to an acquaintance of mine. To be fair, he normally takes the time to at least look me in the eye. This day, he was simply too busy.

Most of the time, I wouldn’t have even noticed, but today I did. It surprised me that I was bothered by it. I don’t fault him for it, it merely made me ask myself how many times have I been him?

The UPS driver, the fast food cashier, the dog walking neighbor, they’re not interactions, they are people. How many are struggling in their own lives, with their own self worth? Who do we meet each day that may be struggling just to survive?

One smile, one look into their eyes, one validation of their significance may go unnoticed. The opposite however, can be very keenly felt. If we can be conscious of the need to acknowledge those around us, in some small way, we make a difference.

Every life is valuable. Every moment spent with someone is an opportunity to give dignity to another. Letting them know that they matter, regardless of the task, they are important to those around them.

Before you drive off from getting coffee, or hurry out of the store, smile at the person waiting on you. They may need a smile, a kind word, or just being looked in the eye. This simple act of respect, says you’re worth my time and attention, that you and what you do, are valuable.

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