Hisbits: Sarah Of NASCAR


Her name, Sarah Ashley Secoy, the first patient ever to survive acute myeloid leukemia. At six years old, a businessman’s employees told him her story. He was Bill France Junior, head of NASCAR.

He telephoned her father with a promise, to spread her story for an international donor across the world. He filled the airwaves with her plight, including funding a duet, “Sarah’s Song”, that France promoted to tens of thousands of radio stations.

After a six year hospital stay, in a germ free chamber, a match was found. The millions France helped raise paid for her treatment. Her survival lead to treatments that has saved thousands of children’s lives.

Perhaps Bill France Junior understood the needs of this family because his business was more than fast cars and money.  His Father, Big Bill had started out running a gas station and house painting.  He built the business, not only for his family, but with them.  Bill Junior ran a bulldozer to build Daytona International Speedway.

Many look at NASCAR as simply cars speeding around an oval track. When most race fans see an event, the names Petty, Earnhardt, and Waltrip come to mind. From now on, every decal filled car I see, will remind me of something else. I’ll think of a man who literally used his power, as a vehicle, to save the life of a little girl.

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  1. I appreciate your page about my daughter. Mr. France called me at my home & asked how he could help. Sarah’s Song played on 71,000 radio stations globally 31,000 in USA – Huge hit in Australia, New Zealand, Asian rim, Japan, Russia, Europe, England, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico. Adopted by over the road truckers it became the most “keyed” song by “broadcasting” semi truck drivers all over the earth. Sarah will graduate as school valedictorian soon w/ an Ohio University doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She will address her fellow class mates. Ohio Governor Kasich has begun a new program for children & families in crisis. The Managing Director/Counselor of this program is Sarah.

    1. Thank you so much! It was an honor to write about her. I’m so glad that you wrote me. Please congratulate her on her amazing achievements. It seems she continues to add amazing chapters to an already incredible life.

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