The Sea Horse: Concentration 

  “He cannot control it completely.  This energy apparatus he wears, that’s why the changes in his appearance happen.  They are a side effect of the energy of the machine.  The Infantino Machine will magnify his power yes, but it will also increase his instability.”  

Dr. Melvins had found the Sea Horse.  “So Doctor, since they already are planning mass destruction, what does this mean?”  “At best, their lives are also endangered, at worse, an atomic explosion ten times what they’ve threatened!”

The Sea Horse had few options, all of them bad.  He chose the most direct, relaying over Oceania’s airwaves Dr. Melvins’ message.  His hope was that Mimic and High Society were watching.  His efforts were not futile.

“You can’t control it! When we’re you going to tell us, before or after annihilation?” Mimic screamed at his enormous associate.  “I wasn’t, no more so   than you shared your association with the attack on my parents.” 

“So you we’re seeking revenge on me.”  “Not merely you, your entire organization. Plus, my cousins have some unfinished business with High Society, this was a bonus.”  

The Sea Horse’s nemesis had been quiet until then, hovering in the corner of the room.  “Now I know the face, your two henchmen.  They did some work for me, they failed, so I failed to pay them.  So you intend to do what, now that we know your plans?”

Titanic laughed as he discretely placed a pen size object under the table, and headed for the door. “I intend to kill you both, and then take over.  The Infantino machine will never need to be used, but the threat of it, will gain me power.  That will fill my accounts, and then I will disappear to enjoy it.”

He was exiting as he spoke his last words. “That bomb I just planted, in ninety seconds, will seal the room with a thermal  signature. If anyone goes in or out, it will explode.  If your body temperatures rise or fall too much from what they are now, it will explode.  I suggest you focus your concentration, not on me, but on staying alive.”

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