Hot Glue Guns



They are the weapon of choice in the world of crafters. Hot glue guns, as we call them in the South, make possible a thousand different creations. The problems we face, could use some adhesive as well, especially when the temperature rises.  

I’ve watched different family and friends complete many projects with glue guns. Things that seemed impossible were resolved with a little glue, and some electricity. I’d like to share three ways we can apply the crafter’s principle to our own situations.

First, in any conflict, like the glue itself, be clear. Clear in your motives, and intentions. Do not seek to color the solution in any way. To be the glue that keeps a family, friendship, or team together, the resolution must be good for all.

Second, relegate the temperature. If a glue gun gets too hot, it will do damage in spite of the glue. Tempers can flare beyond any reasonable answer if not kept in check. If we keep in mind how important the other person’s friendship is to us, we’ll keep our cool much easier.  

Third, know when to unplug. A glue gun left unattended is a recipe for trouble. You cannot continually solve problems without recharging. To help others, at times, you must separate yourself, and care for you. You’re not being selfish, your merely maintaining yourself to serve others.

It’s been said that every crafter needs a glue gun. So does every successfully resolved conflict. Someone must step up and, for the good of the group, be the glue that holds things together. 

A glue gun isn’t only about the glue, but the energy that powers it. Bring your love, energy, and caring to your team today. They’ll need you to be plugged in, and ready to work.

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