The Sea Horse: The Fall Out

  “What happens when three partners fall out, especially when one tries to kill the other two?”  “Nothing, if he succeeds.” “What happens when he doesn’t?”  “Then they kill him, if they can. If they can’t, they do what you’re doing, negotiate.  You still need me, or I’d be dead.” 

The two, tired villains had escaped through a skylight, just ahead of the debris from the explosion.  They had found Titanic’s lair, making a new entrance through the ceiling.  High Society and Mimic we’re willing to listen, but their patience was thin.

“I may not survive if I go in the Infantino machine, but I will, if we use a proxy.”  “Who would volunteer to take your place?”  “No one, but then I have no problem with drafting either.”

Mimic sat down, “Who?”  “Of all Oceania’s costumed annoyances, Spectrum is closest to my power abilities.  He will accommodate, if it means saving someone he cares for, such as his stepfather. Why do you think I chose Dr. Melvins?”

“Leverage, you had a backup plan.”  “A good soldier, or scientist, always does.”  “How do we get him?”  “He is hiding in their “New Protectors” training facility. We take him by force, very simple.”

“We’re supposed to forget you tried to kill us?” “No, you’re supposed to compartmentalize it, and move on.  We have a scientist to steal!” 

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