The Sea Horse: Kidnapped

  The three villains and their army struck during the night. Soldier and his recruits did their best, but Dr Melvins was still abducted.  The ransom note was sent to Spectrum over the airwaves. “Your freedom for his safety, nothing else, nothing less.”

Spectrum was already on his way when the Sea Horse contacted him.  “You can’t go.”  “It means his life.”  “His welfare is jeopardized when you walk through the door.  They need you both at first.  Him to control the machine from the inside, and you to power it.  Once they have that, they intend on you dying in the explosion.”

“Sea Horse, do you have a plan?”  “Yes, but it’s risky.”  “It’s better than doing it their way.”  “All right, meet us at these coordinates, I’m bringing someone I want you to meet.” Spectrum touched down and waited for the Sea Horse, Swordfish, and the other allies.

A short while later, the villains were chaining their two victims to the inside of the Infantino Machine. “What if the President refuses your price?”  “Well then, it will be unfortunate for the East coast.”  Mammoth responded.  High Society spoke from the rafters.  “He’ll cave, they all do to pressure.”  Mimic, was the only one that was speechless.

“Do you want this enough to hurt that many people?”  It was then that Hyperbole strolled in, or rather his hologram did.  He floated around the room, taking it all in.  “Silence.  You three see what they are doing don’t you?  They want to get you to fight among yourselves.  Really, not that hard considering your past history.”

“Why are you here Hyperbole?”  Mimic asked, suspicious.  “Too bargain of course.  While you loot the countryside, I want the museums.  All of the artifacts that fill the Met, the Smithsonian, and more.”

“What makes you think you can demand of me?”  “Actually I don’t, you see this is what’s called stalling.  Sea Horse and his crew needed to get in, and I didn’t want to see the Statue Of Liberty crumbled to dust.  So we made a deal.”  “You’re a hologram, you can’t do anything.”  “Oh no, except relay the visuals around me, including the way to open your door.”

Mimic ordered, “Start the machine now!”  Titanic complied as the energy drained from Spectrum’s body.  Dr. Melvins spoke, “One factor you ignored.  Now that you have us both, and are hurting him, I have no reason to direct this machine anywhere.  You will die with us!”

High Society responded.  “I don’t think so.  Do you think that you were the only kidnapped victim.  Look at your monitor, I believe you’ll recognize your daughter.  She is safe, as long as you obey.”  The Dr. had no choice, piloting the sphere deeper into the Earth and the fault line.

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