The Sea Horse: Justice In Oceania 

 The rest was a free for all.  Hyperbole’s holographic projector began firing lasers, clashing with Mimic.  Sea Horse and High Society locked in a life or death battle.  Every ally had invaded the villain’s underground base.  Mimic signaled for reinforcements, and Carbuncle and all the rest of his hired mercenaries plunged into battle.

Meanwhile, the force the Infantino Machine was generating on the outside surface of it’s metal hull was heating up.  The yellow glow grew brighter and brighter.  It was time to put the Sea Horse’s plan into action.  Mimic expected a double cross, so he gave him one.  Hyperbole was more than willing to act the role of a decoy, even if it was in reality, a minor part.

Prism, the young lady determined to stop Malady, finally allowed herself to be seen.  “All right Dr, let’s get out of here.”  “They sealed us in, I’m afraid we can’t.  Spectrum could blow the casing, but he’s unconscious.”  “He is, but I’m not, and neither is his energy.  The wonderful thing about a prism doctor, it isn’t just almost invisible without light, but when light is present, it magnifies it.”

Prism connected with the power battery draining Spectrum’s power, and redirected it.  Soon the force was ripping the ship apart.  The centrifugal force threw the three of them into a chasm as the rest exploded in two separate blasts.  They were bruised, but okay.

While still extremely powerful, they had weakened it just enough to avoid the destruction the trio of villains had promised.  The Sea Horse and his allies had won the day.  High Society, Titanic, and Mimic were placed in maximum security, as were most of their hired guns.  Dr. Melvins’ daughter, and the others were rescued, and there was a momentary victory.

That did not curb Oceania’s crime problem however.  Thanks to Martin Pott’s funding, and the unknowing contribution of “The Elite’s” bank accounts, the Wonzu and Armor were now the leading crime family in Oceania.  The Sea Horse promised to take them down as well, but it would take time.

They didn’t know it yet, but other secrets still remained for them to uncover.  The team’s battles were just beginning, but together, they would succeed. The adventures of the Sea Horse were far from over, but this chapter was ending.  Those behind the tragedy of Norm Silva were behind bars, and Oceania was a better place.  Tomorrow would bring a new threat, but today, there was justice in Oceania.

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