The Color Of Age

Have you ever noticed, that the trees are at their most colorful, when their leaves are at their oldest stages? This time of year, we celebrate the red, yellow, and even brown accents that Fall brings. We know the next stage will be limbs of glistening white, and those are filled with beauty as well.

Every phase of life should be appreciated, whether it’s the energy of youth, the practicality of middle age, or the wisdom of graying years. Age brings color, it adds diversity, knowledge, and excitement. I’d like to share three suggestions that will help add value to whatever time of life you are in.

First, smile at what you can, where you are. Every person born, will experience problems, there’s no escaping it. What you can prevent, is from allowing the bad to rob you of taking pleasure in what is good.

As humans, we mistake the lack of problems as a prerequisite for enjoying our days. Laughter doesn’t live free from tears, it exists alongside them. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to enjoy life.

Second, appreciate those around you. A grateful person can not be miserable. They are too busy being thankful for what they have, to worry about what they don’t have. When we are thankful, we reflect the kindness our loved ones pour into us, and that is always a beautiful scene.

Third, remember life is filled with seasons, this too shall pass. You will not always be where you are, feel the way you do, or face what is in front of you. By its nature, a season is limited, so is your battle.

The Scripture said “Seeing you have done all to stand, stand…” God, Our Creator, knows our limitations. He will not allow us to face anything that He hasn’t already planned for.  

Like the trees, we don’t have to defeat our season of life, only to stand tall in it. You and I were made in His image, crafted in His likeness, we can make it through. The color of our leaves may change, or fall out, but we will thrive, glistening in His love.

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