Alaskan Silver: Sgt Pin

Do you love the old serials of yesterday? The ones where adventure slipped in for a little while, pulled you to the edge of your seat, and left you captivated until the next week’s conclusion? PruittWrites does, and it’s in that vein that we start the limited edition episodes of Alaskan Silver.

Sergeant Philip Nicholas Silver, was the type of policeman Alaska needed. He was strong, silent, and smart enough to survive both the landscape and its citizenry. His whole life had prepared Pin, as his new friends called him, for the beat that would create his legend. 

 His youth was in Chicago, until his Father’s undercover work forced them to relocate to New York. It was there Pin would join the force, a fourth generation policeman. Quickly his own success against the mob forced a name change and relocation. 

 The beard and mustache to cover his face were easy. The hard part was losing the accent.  He spent months adapting a version of his maternal Grandmother’s southern drawl.  

Now, he was Sgt Silver, not able to contact his loved ones, or to breathe his real name. He would start a new life in the wintry world of MaKenzie, Alaska, enforcing the law. Sgt Silver would learn that here too, crime was organized, and had to be dismantled.  

Tune in next week to read how Sgt Silver rescues the city’s most prominent family from the criminal organization known as the Pick Axes.

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