Agent Silver Plants And Rats

  No one expected what they saw when the lights came back on. It was Carl Lafayette that was holding the gun, and it was pointed right at Hunt McCluskey. Two of the Pick Axe men were covered in glass and bleeding, and handcuffed. Pin was standing over them with a rifle in his hand. 

“As Mayor of this town, I believe in law and order. I was threatened by the Pick Axe men to resign or be killed. I don’t like threats. Sgt. Silver and his department are going to keep this community safe, but he needs men. Men that aren’t afraid of people the Pick Axe organziation. This is your chance to stand up to them.”

 Only one person took them up on their offer, and that was Ralph Hearns, a young man barely out of his teens. Pin made him a deputy and the three men took their prisoners to the jail. “You two get in the cell there. McClusky, you’re coming with us. The Mayor and I want to talk to you.” Pin said as they went into a separate room.

 “Ralph, I’m about to give you your first lesson in police work. Things aren’t always the way they seem. Meet Nathan Clark, otherwise known as Hunt McCluskey, our man on the inside.” “Hello Ralph.” “Hello Nathan.”

 “When I heard that the Pick Axe’s wanted to kill the Mayor, I was in deep enough to volunteer as the trigger man.” “What’s the plan now?” “Nathan will be transferred, in reality he’ll return to his job as police detective in Oregon. Those two will go to trial, and the Pick Axe men will be vulnerable.”

 The rest of the night was uneventful. Pin stayed with the prisoners, the Mayor went home to his family. Ralph headed home as well, but not before making a stop. His cousin Eric was waiting. “Tell the Pick Axe men that Silver knows how to get a man inside their group. Hunt McCluskey was a plant, a cop out of Oregon.”

 “A plant, well, this new guy is smart. Of course, not smart enough to know we were already grooming you for the same thing. This just gave us an opportunity to strike early.”

Two hours later, Pin got a call from his man in the field.  “The rat took the bait.”  “Good, the Pick Axe men don’t realize that sometimes, keeping your enemies close, is better than getting close to your enemies.”

In next week’s Agent Silver, discover how Pin feeds bad Intel to an unsuspecting  rat.  

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