Not long from now, millions of homes will be preparing the same dish. The base of the recipe will be similar, some areas use cornbread, others white or wheat. Part of the country calls it stuffing, others call it dressing. It’s the extra touches that will make each unique, just like those around us.

Part of the joy of Thanksgiving is spending it with loved ones. The people God has placed in our lives enrich us through their love and diversity. Friends and family bring both stability and adventure to our existence. Our most precious memories are filled with faces, laughing, crying, and holding each other.  

As you go through this Monday morning, fighting the hustle and bustle of work, cherish those dear to you. As you are tempted this season to be irritated by all the obstacles between you and preparing the perfect holiday, remember the faces of those you love. It doesn’t matter that the turkey wasn’t perfect, or that Arnold had to go back to the store for the forgotten nutmeg.

What matters are the people in our hearts. They are the ingredients that add both spice and flavor to our days. In this life you are not alone, someone cares for you. They care about your joys and your sorrows, your hopes and your fears.  

No matter what you are facing, they are there to fill your heart, and to protect it with their own. When all else fails, and our hearts do break, they’re the ones waiting with tweezers and super glue to help put us back together. The stuff we face, is nothing compared to the people who dress our lives with love and support.

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