Alaskan Silver Wolf Pack

  Last week Pin purposely allowed a member of the Pick Axe organization to take a job on the force.  The plan, to play on the young man’s inexperience, and to use him to take down his contacts.  This week, Pin finds himself in the heart of a wolf pack, though not the one you might expect.

“He’s beautiful Frank.”  “Please my friend, Francois, my reputation.”  Pin laughed.  “Your reputation is as phony as that French accent.  The closest you came to Paris was buying post cards on the East side.”  “I do not say I am from France, I merely allow my patrons to hear me speak.”

“You’re a showman Francois,  P.T. Barnum would be envious at your circus.”  “No, not a circus, a menagerie.  At it’s heart, my trained Siberian Wolves.  I maybe fake, but they are very real.”  “I know, I remember when your Dad brought them back, illegally I might add, on the ship.”

“It’s not illegal when you have the Tsar’s permission.  At least not illegal to leave Russia with them.  He didn’t ask opinions on his arrival though, I’ll grant you.”  The two of them, old friends, stood watching the wolves sleep.

“Francois, I can’t take them, I can’t care for them.”  The trainer, and ringmaster laughed. “You are not meant to care for them, they are to care for you.  You are a stranger in a strange land, these people I do not trust.  These, I do.”

“They are still young now, you will grow together, they will adapt to you.  Soon, you will be their pack leader, and family. You will protect each other, I will have no argument.  Your Mother, I promised her to watch out for you. I cannot stay, they can.”  

The two men parted, Pin, Runner, and Snowshoe made their way home.  Pin made them a place to sleep, fed them as Barney’s Dad had trained years ago, and sat down.  Runner, the male, and Pin had their first staring contest.  

For an hour, neither would give.  Pin was wondering who owned who, when Runner suddenly turned.  A low growl, and Snowshoe standing up alerted him.  Pin did not move, Runner growled louder.  

“Whoever you are, you have a choice.  Either show yourself, or face my friends here.  They have pretty big teeth!”  “So do we!”  Was the reply, along with two gun shots.  Their problem was, they aimed for Pin.

Find out what happens next week in the new episode of “Alaskan Silver.”

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