Teams Float

mpbEach balloon has exactly ninety people manning them.  Though the shapes are much different, the insides are the same.  Some are bigger than others, but they all are filled with the same substance. All of the elements combine to make each Thanksgiving parade magical.  Leave out one part, and the formula is incomplete.  The same is true of teams and teamwork.

Without the air, you have a sagging piece of material.  Add the air, but use less than the proper number of handlers, and it will float away.  Like most of our life, it balances soaring for the clouds, with having our feet firmly planted on Earth.  Teams transport dreams from the drawing board to the living room.

I am privileged to be a part of several teams, the most rewarding of which, is our local Church.  Point Of Mercy, in Nashville, Tennessee, has been blessed with leaders who value working together.  It is more than a catchphrase, it is part of the very fiber of our Church.  Pastor Denny Livingston and Pastor Jason Potter have worked, from the beginning, to build a culture of teamwork and creativity.

As a result, no matter what person or department, when one succeeds, we all rejoice.  If anyone struggles, we all stand together.  The benefit of this goes so far beyond morale and mind set.  It is an underlying safety net for your organization.  This layer of reassurance that, each individual not only matters, but is personally valuable, insulates against fear and self doubt.

When someone knows how important they are to the hearts of those on her team, and not merely the work they do, it speaks volumes.  Like helium, the caring and support of the group lifts you.  The structure of a team grounds you to what’s important, and directs you in the pursuit of your goals.

This Thanksgiving season, of all the things that we should be grateful for, this should be at the forefront.  Our families, Churches, the places we work, and volunteer, are all different variations of teams.  If you are blessed with a good team, be thankful, and be vocal.

Tell those that are on your team that they are appreciated.  Look for new ways to lift your organization through encouragement and cooperation.  When we do this, much like Garfield a week from Thursday, we’ll all rise to the top.

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