Alaskan Silver Motive

Pin ducked on the floor, while Runner and Snowshoe lunged at the attackers. The two wolves had the two intruders huddling in the corner in seconds. “I warned you, now, do you talk, or do I let my friends talk to you some more?” The two never answered, Pin sighed, his bluff hadn’t worked.  

He called his men at headquarters to take the two into custody. Pin guessed they were too low on the hierarchy list to have known much anyway. They would spend a long time in prison regretting their encounter with his new roomates. 

Pin asked himself a question. “Am I getting close to something, or are there bosses just impatient? They attached much quicker than I suspected they would.”

He thought long and hard on this for the next few days. Carl Lafayette stopped to discuss it with him the following Monday.

“Mayor, has anything changed since last week? Is there some business deal happening in town that would force the group’s hands?”

“You thought they moved too quickly too? It doesn’t add up, they’re not amatuers. First the attack on me, which while bold, was stupid, and then …”

 The Mayor’s voice trailed off. Pin looked up suddenly. “It’s not about us. Something has happened, but not in town. They’re not getting ready for something here. They’re trying to get here ready for something or someone who is coming into town.”

“If they can disrupt the town, then no one will be able to prevent what they’ve got planned, and what better way than …” “To get rid of the Mayor and the head of the Police department would create a vacuum in town.”

 “Pin, who do they have in mind to fill it? What happens when they do?” “First, we have to know what or who is coming to town that they want to gain access too?”

“The Pick Axe organization is rumored to be all over Alaska, but especially in the Nome region. I’ve got contacts there, I’ll see if I can find out anything.”

“Specifically Mayor, ask one question.” “What’s that?” “What’s important enough to kill us both over?”

 Find out the answer to that question in next week’s episode of Alaskan Silver. 


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